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1/31/2021 Better Human 101 Refresher - Ravishing Rambling by: Kalyn Weller Goode picture credit pixabay

1/31/2021 Better Human 101 Refresher


 1. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok.

If your mother didn’t teach you this life lesson at the age of four, then it is now my duty to do so. Not everyone will like you and that is alright. Really! Sometimes, for no particular reason at all, it happens. You could try to fix it but really, most times, there is nothing you can do about it. Accept it and move on. If they don't like you it's perfectly fine. 

2. Not everything on the internet is true.

I really shouldn’t have to put this out there but I feel like a refresher is needed. Not all websites, news media outlets & family are factual. Just because you read it somewhere or have a "feeling" doesn’t make it true. If you want to know the answer do your research. Compare, contrast and find reputable sources. Please do not just believe everything "because it was on the internet".  Especially the  messages that tell you to forward to ten people or you will have bad luck forever. That's actually called "karma" and being a better human will fix that. Not forwarding a meme. 

3. Walking away isn’t always a bad thing.

It is perfectly acceptable to draw a line of respect and hold on to it. I believe they call that...boundaries. Do not ever let anyone treat you like you are less than what you are worth. EVER.  When respect and trust are broken, it is ok to take a step back and let someone know you are removing yourself. Hurtful words and actions are just that. Hurtful. This goes both ways though. If you were the one doing the hurting understand that you may be walked away from and your actions have caused someone else pain. 

4. Your struggle may be what someone else is praying for.

Somewhere, out there, right now, someone is praying to their God, to give them whatever it is that you are going through. They want your struggle.  Why? Because things can always be worse and someone ALWAYS has it worse. Whatever stage of life you are in, know, that it WILL get better. Even if it doesn't seem like it, right at that very instant.

5. You can only change you. 

You can only control your behavior. You cannot control what other people think, do, feel or say. You cannot. Guess who can though? Them.  They can, not you. So stop trying to fix everyone or everything. Focusing on your OWN self growth and happiness is your responsibility.  Unless you are a parent and we're talking about the littles. Their growth and happiness is always your responsibility.  

6. Being kind is a choice.

"She/He is such a nice person, I wish I could be like them." I hear people say this so often and then turn around and do the opposite of whatever the nice thing was. Um, why can't you be like him or her? Why can't you just decide to be a caring person?  FYI you can! It’s not hard folks. Wipe the bad look off your face, hold the door, say thank you, show some appreciation, ask how their day is for once before they have to ask you, do something nice! Anything to try and spread just a smidge of joy and you're being a better person.  If you don't try,  you cannot succeed.  This world needs more kind people. Be one of them instead of expecting everyone else to be nice for you.

7. Other people have feelings. 

People actually have feelings.  Regardless of whether or not those people are in front of you. Maybe they’re behind a computer screen or maybe they’re standing in the checkout line next to you at Walmart. They are still a person and people have feelings. We need to be less confrontational and more accepting of how we treat others.

8. You’re only as pretty as you treat people.

Who you are on the inside is a direct reflection of who you are on the outside. If you look like a shiny red apple and your insides are riddled with decay and hate, people will eventually start to see that. Treating all living things with kindness & grace is one of the most beautiful and powerful things a person can do. 

By: Kalyn Weller Goode Owner of Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, A Hair Affair LLC & My Momma Tried LLC located in Excelsior Springs, MO

1/10/2021 Are we really friends? Really? Ravishing Rambling by: Kalyn Weller Goode picture credit simplesite

1/15/2021 Are we really friends? Really?

Since Social Media overtook the world you can be friends with anyone. Anyone. People from other countries, people that work at the same place as you but live in a different state. Your long lost kindergarten, first love and even the guy who’s sitting in a coffee shop oversees pretending to be in love with your friend Rita, because he’s cat fishing her.

Have you guys ever seen 90 day fiancé or Dr. Phil? That stuff happens more than it should. The word “Friend” has lost its meaning.

The text book definition of the word Friend means: a person with whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.

Do you know your 4000 Facebook “friends”? Heck, do you even know four hundred of them?  Do you have a bond of mutual affection with these people? Out of your hundreds or even thousands of social media acquaintances how many do you know on a personal level?

10, 20 maybe even 40?

We share our good, bad, ugly & beautiful moments on social media because we want our “Friends” to see what we have been up too and for them to love the highlight reel of our lives with us. But let’s be honest for a second. If one of these random people, that you share your life with on social media we’re to call you in a time of need, would you answer?

If you ran into your good ole Facebook pal Jimmy at Walmart (with whom you haven't associated with, except for on the interwebs) would you stop and talk to him about his Aunt that passed away and offer your condolences? You saw the post. You scrolled right past it after you gave it a simple like.

 I’d be willing to bet, that 8 out of 10 of the people reading this article, wouldn't.  

Yep, I said wouldn't. 

Simply because it's out of your comfort zone.  It’s easy to be there for someone when you pop open your news feed and  type out a few meaningless words. I'm guilty of it too. But let's think about it from someone else’s point of view for just a second.

Are you being a good friend?


Point blank, you are not. Being a friend means helping people, sharing the good, the bad and figuring out how to help out with both along the way. It is being the person who sees and hears, when the people they love are making a difference and doing amazing things or have a struggle.

It’s stopping to talk to Jimmy about his Aunt. It is telling that good friend of yours, Rita, she is an idiot, while providing her with the proof she needs to see she really IS being cat-fished. Why? Because you’ve done your digging like a good friend should!

It’s saying the nice things when the time calls for it and sometimes not saying anything at all. It’s being more than a few keys on a keyboard, an emoji or just a random Happy Birthday wish. It’s being the person who makes the difference, sticks around and lives your dreams with you.

It’s the one person you know, who drops everything they're doing and drives to you at 10pm, to deliver a dress because the one you have won’t cut it for your dads funeral and you just can't with anything anymore. It is NOT just pressing the like button to pretend like you love how great of a day they had. It IS pressing the like button and messaging them to hear the details.

Friendship takes time, love, understanding and patience. It's doesn’t take a click on a computer. It doesn't take a like or a random comment. So the next time you're at the grocery store and see one of your social media acquaintances, say hi!

Congratulate them on the wins, or say how sorry you are that they're having such a hard time. Tell them that the picture of their dog was super cute or that you love how much they post about their child. Or ya know? Maybe just a simple wave. Just no poking because that's weird and no one likes it. 

Show them that you are actively paying attention, or unfriend them. Your choice.

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner & Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC. located in Excelsior Springs MO.


Ravishing Rambling 1/3/2021 by Kalyn Weller Goode photo credit pixabay


Crispy, fried, over cooked, burnt.
It would probably surprise you how many times I hear these food worthy definitions being used to describe someone’s mane. Overly dry hair is probably the second, biggest complaint I get when someone sits in my salon chair. But I have the solution!

My own concoction of wonderful, that you can make yourself! Truth be told, if your hair looks rough, you feel rough. Am I right? Unfortunately, now days, our tresses are extension of our personality and selves- literally. There are so many factors that come in to play to create this over processed disaster.

A few key contributors are: Weather, medications, stress, chlorine, hot tools or hair dye. These can cause the most conditioned hairs to feel overworked. Even the environment you live in can damage your hair to the point of no return.

To much sun, secondhand smoke, extreme cold, extreme heat, really dry dusty places or overly humid places. Welcome to Missouri in a day folks. Fun fact time! Did you know that some natural hair colors have a tendency to feel a little drier than others?

Sorry redheads.

For real, I feel like I could go on forever on this subject. No amount of homemade anything will Be able to take the place of a good Salon quality deep conditioning treatment, but it is a step in the right direction.

I do this mask once, every two weeks, on myself. I also invest in getting a fantastic healthy deep conditioning treatment at least once a month in my Salon. I’m a sucker for the shampoo bowl and that warm, cozy dryer chair. Even if I spend every day of my life in a salon, I still need the spa experience occasionally.

This project may sound like your making potato salad for your next family reunion. But I assure you it's got all the goodness and works wonders for your scalp & over processed locks.

Get out your bowls, spoons and your shower cap because we’re ready to get our mask making on!

Tools needed-

*Large bowl


*Measuring spoons

*Shower cap

*Hot towel (wet one down pop in the microwave for 1-2 minutes)

*Hair clip Ingredients-

*5 tablespoon unrefined coconut oil

*2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

*1 egg yolk

*1/2 avocado

*3 tablespoon honey (I prefer sunflower)

*1/2 cup mayonnaise (use the real deal mayo not miracle whip, that's a salad dressing and not gonna cut it for this)


*1 Melt the coconut oil for 30 seconds and pour into the bowl. Add the honey. Whisk.

*Smash avocado and add into the oil & honey mixture.

*Add the rest of the ingredients except for the egg yolk into the bowl. Whisk.

*Add the egg yolk, now that your hot oil is tempered. If you add it to soon you will cook the egg and smell weird later on. Whisk.

How to apply:

*Make sure your hair is clean and damp before applying.

*Take mixture and work your way from the root to the ends.

*Place shower cap on

*Wrap shower cap with the hot towel and clip.

*Leave the mixture on your head for approximately 45-60 minutes and rinse throughly with shampoo and cold water. *Dispose of left over product

*Repeat once every 2 weeks at minimum

*Enjoy your new silky, shiny hair!

By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.