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11/21/2020 8 Truths You Probably Need To Hear. Ravishing Rambling by: Kalyn Weller Goode photocredit pixabay

8 Truths You Probably Need To Hear.

I’m dishing my skinny on some very Valuable and possibly hard truths that I think everyone needs to hear. Especially in 2020. Enjoy.  

8 Truths You Probably Need To Hear.

1. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok.

If your mother didn’t teach you this life lesson at 4 then it is now my duty to do so. Not everyone will like you and that is alright. Really! Sometimes, for no particular reason at all, it happens. You could try to fix it but really, most times, there is nothing you can do about it. Accept it and move on. If they don't like you it's ok! 

2. Not everything on the internet is true.

I really shouldn’t have to put this out there but I feel like a refresher is needed. Not all websites, news media outlets & family are factual. Just because you read it somewhere or have a "feeling" doesn’t make it true. If you want to know the answer do your research. Compare, contrast and find reputable sources. Just because you are a family member or good friend, doesn’t mean they'll believe you.

3. Walking away isn’t always a bad thing.

It is perfectly acceptable to draw a line of respect and hold on to it. Do not ever let anyone treat you like you are less than what you’re worth. When respect and trust are broken, it is ok to take a step back and let someone know you’re removing yourself. Hurtful words and actions are just that. Hurtful. This goes both ways though.  If you were the one doing the hurting understand that you may be walked away from and your actions have caused someone else pain.  

4. Your struggle may be what someone else is praying for.

Somewhere out there, right now, someone is praying to their God for whatever it is that you are going through. Why? Because things can always be worse and someone always has it worse. Whatever stage of life you’re in know that it WILL get better. Even if it doesn't seem like it right at that very instant.  

5. Love on your loved ones more.

I never thought there would come a day when I had to watch a funeral on a live Facebook feed because of a virus. But this year has brought many things I never thought I’d have to do. My heart was and still is broken for the family. So I went home and hugged mine a little tighter for the ones who couldn’t. You should too. I don’t ever want to look back and think “I didn’t love them enough.”

6. Being kind is a choice.

I hear people say this so often and then turn around and do the opposite. It’s not hard folks. Wipe the bad look off your face, hold the door, say thank you, show some appreciation, ask how their day is for once before they have to ask you, do something nice! Anything to try and spread just a smidge of joy. This world needs more kind people. Be one of them instead of expecting everyone else to be nice for you.

7. Other people have feelings.

Weird, right? Hopefully you picked up my subtle hint of sarcasm in that opening sentence. Regardless of whether or not those people are in front of you. Maybe they’re behind a computer screen, or maybe they’re standing in the checkout line next to you at Walmart. They are still a  human being and people have feelings. We need to be less confrontational and more accepting of how we treat others. See #1-4 for reference.

8. You’re only as pretty as you treat people.

Who you are on the inside is a direct reflection of who you are on the outside. If you take anything away from this article today please take this one thing. This goes for all ladies & gentlemen. If you look like a shiny red apple and your insides are riddled with decay, people will eventually start to see that. Just because your outsides are on point doesn't mean people will like you. Be the best version of you and treat people how you want to be treated.

By: Kalyn Weller Goode

Owner of Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, A Hair Affair LLC & My Momma Tried LLC located in Excelsior Springs, MO

DIY hair mask 10/18/2020 Ravishing Rambling life & beauty blog. Written by: Kalyn Weller Goode picture credit pixabay simplesite Copenhagen

10/18/2020 DIY Coconut Avacodo Hair Mask

Crispy, fried, over cooked, burnt. It would probably surprise you how many times I hear these food worthy definitions being used to describe someone’s mane. Overly dry hair is probably the second, biggest complaint I get when someone sits in my salon chair.  But I have the solution!  My own concoction of wonderful, that you can make yourself!  Truth be told, if your hair looks rough, you feel rough. Am I right?

Unfortunately, now days, our tresses are extension of our personality and selves- literally. There are so many factors that come in to play to create this over processed disaster. A few key contributors are: Weather, medications, stress, chlorine, hot tools or hair dye. These can cause the most conditioned hairs to feel overworked.

Even the environment you live in can damage your hair to the point of no return. To much sun, secondhand smoke, extreme cold, extreme heat, really dry dusty places or overly humid places. Welcome to Missouri in a day folks. Fun fact time! Did you know that some natural hair colors have a tendency to feel a little drier than others? Sorry redheads.

For real, I feel like I could go on forever on this subject.

No amount of homemade anything will Be able to take the place of a good Salon quality deep conditioning treatment, but it is a step in the right direction. I do this mask once, every two weeks, on myself.  I also invest in getting a fantastic healthy deep conditioning treatment at least once a month in my Salon. I’m a sucker for the shampoo bowl and that warm, cozy dryer chair.  Even if I spend every day of my life in a salon, I still need the spa experience occasionally.

This project may sound like your making potato salad for your next family reunion. But I assure you it's got all the goodness and works wonders for your scalp & over processed locks. Get out your bowls, spoons and your shower cap because we’re ready to get our mask making on!

Tools needed-

*Large bowl


*Measuring spoons

*Shower cap

*Hot towel (wet one down pop in the microwave for 1-2 minutes)

*Hair clip


*5 tablespoon unrefined coconut oil

*2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

*1 egg yolk

*1/2 avocado

*3 tablespoon honey (I prefer sunflower)

*1/2 cup mayonnaise (use the real deal mayo not miracle whip, that's a salad dressing and not gonna cut it for this) 


*1 Melt the coconut oil for 30 seconds and pour into the bowl. Add the honey. Whisk.

*Smash avocado and add into the oil & honey mixture.

*Add the rest of the ingredients except for the egg yolk into the bowl. Whisk.

*Add the egg yolk, now that your hot oil is tempered. If you add it to soon you will cook the egg and smell weird later on.  Whisk.

 How to apply:

*Make sure your hair is clean and damp before applying.

*Take mixture and work your way from the root to the ends.

*Place shower cap on

*Wrap shower cap with the hot towel and clip.

*Leave the mixture on your head for approximately 45-60 minutes and rinse throughly with shampoo and cold water.

*Dispose of left over product

*Repeat once every 2 weeks at minimum

*Enjoy your new silky, shiny hair!

By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

10/5/2020 Ravishing Rambling Life & Beauty Blog "Are you sure we're friends" written by Kalyn Weller Goode photo credit simplesite Copenhagen pixabay

10/5/2020 Are you sure we're friends?

Since Social Media overtook the world you can be friends with anyone. Anyone.  People from other countries, people that work at the same place as you but live in a different state. Your long lost kindergarten first love and even the guy who’s sitting in a coffee shop oversees pretending to be in love with your friend Rita, because he’s cat fishing her. Have you guys ever seen 90 day fiancé or Dr. Phil? That stuff happens more than it should.

 The word “Friend” has lost its meaning. The text book definition of the word Friend means: a person with whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. Do you know your 4000 Facebook “friends”? Do you have a bond of mutual affection with these people? Out of your hundreds or even thousands of social media acquaintances how many do you know on a personal level? 10, 20 maybe even 40?

 We share our good, bad, ugly & beautiful moments on social media because we want our “Friends” to see what we have been up too and for them to love the highlight reel of our lives with us. But let’s be honest for a second. If one of these random people, that you share your life with on social media we’re to call you in a time of need, would you answer? If you ran into your fb pal Jimmy at Walmart (whom you haven't associated with excpt for on the inter webs)  would you stop and talk to him about his Aunt that passed away and offer your condolences? I’d be willing to bet that you wouldn’t. Simply because it's out of your comfort zone of people you actually, physically talk to on a regular basis.  

 It’s easy to be there for someone when you pop open your news feed on the daily and can type out a few meaningless words. I'm guilty of it too.  But let's think about it from someone else’s point of view for just a second.  Are you being a good friend? No. Point blank, you are not.

 Being a friend means helping people, sharing the good, the bad and figuring out how to help out with both along the way. It is being the person who sees and hears, when the people they love are making a difference and doing amazing things or have a struggle.  It’s stopping to talk to Jimmy about his Aunt. It is telling that good friend of yours, Rita, she is an idiot, while providing her with the proof she needs to see she really IS being cat-fished. Why? Because you’ve done your digging like a good friend should!

 It’s saying the nice things when the time calls for it and sometimes not saying anything at all. It’s being more than a few keys on a keyboard, an emoji or just a random Happy Birthday wish. It’s being the person who makes the difference, sticks around and lives your dreams with you. It’s the one person you know, who drops everything they're doing and drives to you at 10pm, to deliver a dress because the one you have won’t cut it for your dads funeral and you just can't with anything anymore. 

 It is NOT pressing the like button to pretend like you love how great of a day they had. It IS pressing the like button and calling them to hear the details. Friendship takes time, love, understanding and patience. It's doesn’t take a click on a computer. It doesn't take a like or a random comment.

 So the next time you're at the grocery store and see one of your social media acquaintances, say hi! Congratulate them or say how sorry you are that they're having such a hard time. Tell them that the picture of their dog was super cute or that you love how much they post about their child. Or ya know? Maybe just a simple wave.  Show them that you are actively paying attention, or unfriend them. Your choice.

Do you know who your friends are?

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner & Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC. located in Excelsior Springs MO.

A note to my followers: Hi guys! I took a month off but I'm back now and hopefully better than ever. I needed a little break from the world. Thank you guys for allowing me to take that much needed time. I appreciate you an love you all so much! Stay tuned, I have some big plans in store (as always 😉)

Love lots, Kalyn

Mind your business- bullying in 2020. Ravishing Rambling 9/6/2020. By Kalyn Weller Goode. Photo credit simplesite Copenhagen

9/6/2020 Mind your business! Bullying in 2020.

 We have lost something in our culture, folks. And it didn’t take us long to do it. Something so important and meaningful to most. We lost our ability to Respect others.

 For some reason we think it’s ok to shame, hurt and destroy people, not just with our actions but with our words. And let me let you in on a little secret... IT IS NOT OK!
 The first rule I ever remember being taught was the Golden Rule. Remember that one from Kindergarten?

"Do to others as you would have done to you."

The two women who raised me were women of color. My mother and my grandmother. So, I watched them struggle on a different level. I watch them struggle still. But ya know what? Their struggle didn’t stop them from wanting me and my sisters to be good, non judgmental people.

That rule is at the top in our house. And I’ve always used it, or at least tried my hardest too, in every aspect of my life. Goals, dreams, decisions, who made it to the milk first at Wally World. I didn’t think I ever really had a choice in how I treated people. I was raised to respect all forms of life and treat them with care. Bottom line.

But some weren't raised the same... Bullying in 2020 isn't much different from bullying when I was growing up. I remember the hurtful words and looks. Hell, I grew up when it was okay for girls to run up behind you and “tag check” your shirt to make sure it was a “real” Tommy H. and not a knock off. Petty right?

It’s 2020. And we have the worst case of the gimmy’s, I’m entitled too’s and you are wrong’s, than I have ever seen. What are we teaching our kids, folks? Not a damn good thing and especially not how to hide your crazy.

All I read, see or hear is bullying. Adults bullying adults! This time around we have sugar coated it and renamed it into “fact checks”.

Fact checks about, who they would or wouldn’t choose as our next president, how to wear or not wear a mask, weather their children are attending in person or virtual, if Covid is real or not, how one race is better than the other. It’s sickening, y’all. It’s awful and grotesque and horrible.

Think about what world you’re making for your kids. How are we leading them into prosperity? Your “Fact checks” are just bullying under a different name.

All life sums up to be is a series of events that happen, then we choose how to respond. We can decide the outcome of most situations, if we can think swiftly on our feet. And contrary to popular belief we don’t have to be so dammed mean!

Believe me, I get it. Some situations can not be helped and your response isn’t always so nice. Like that time, I was stuffed in a trunk by a crazy man, that stalked me for over a year. Yep, it really happened but that’s a whole other story, I don’t have time for today.

When I was overweight, people would give me diet tips without me ever asking. Did they care I had just birthed 2 babies? Nope. When I’m skinny people tell me to eat a cheeseburger. Do they ask if I’m ok? Nope. Sorry you can’t see my debilitating stomach disease that isn’t written out on my forehead.

When I don’t have makeup on, people ask me if I’m sick and tell me I look terrible. How about trying to ask if I’m getting enough sleep and if I’m stressed? When I’m not dressed to the T for the day, people ask me if there is something wrong, like jeans and a t-shirt are a sign my business is on the outs. When my hair is short people say they liked it better long. When it’s long, they ask why is it always up and tell me to cut it because it needs some style to it and would look better short. I don’t dare even mention a political affiliation.

People will argue with me that I don’t look Hispanic enough!

My point is...

Stop telling people how to live, look, breath and be. It’s NOT your responsibility , and it’s NOT your place to do so.

I’m going to repeat that one for the naysayers in the back.

STOP TELLING PEOPLE how to live, look, breath and be. It’s NOT your responsibility and it’s NOT your place to do so.

Tell them you love them when they're in jeans, eating a cheeseburger, sipping that health food shake with out their makeup carrying around their screaming dirty kids, living their best life. Tell them you respect THEIR decision on their personal choices. Or better yet!

Mind your business and say nothing at all.

If you don’t love them at their worst you certainly do not love them at their best. The only responsibility you have in this life is to live it your way. Not anyone else’s. Be a nice person, love people and love YOUR LIFE. What I can promise you, is that this one, is the ONLY life you're going to get. And you’re not going to change anyone for the better by bullying them to the place you think they need to be.

By: Kalyn a Weller Goode, Owner & Master Stylist of Scissors & Shears Salon LLC. Located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

8/9/20 Ravishing Rambling Life & abeauty Blog, 5 Steps to Long Hair! Picture credit simplesite.

8/9/20 5 Steps to Long Hair

Long hair is something, practically every woman on the planet, wants once in her Lifetime. Some people are blessed in the hair department and don’t have to worry about the struggles of growing their hair out. Then there are the rest of us that can’t seem to get it past our shoulders, without looking like a band member in the 70s. Ya know the kind I'm talking about? The ones that were popular for their business in the front, party in the back hairstyle.

I would bet, you can think of at least one know, that one perfect friend who has lengthy, beautiful, luscious locks that seem to flow like a glistening stream. She does nothing to deserve them and when you imagine her as a baby she must've had the same exquisite head of hair.

One of the questions I‘m asked the most from my female clients that sit in my chair for any service is: How do I get my hair to grow? While researching, I realized, that virtually, every woman in the world wishes her hair would grow faster. You could be recovering from a haircut catastrophe, growing out a hot new trend that didn’t look exactly like you hoped, or maybe, you want to give long hair a try for once in your life.

I have 5 tips to help you on your path of magazine worthy tresses. Be mindful, these are not magic tips. You will not wake up tomorrow with the hair of your dreams, that falls gracefully past your elbows like an ever-flowing waterfall. But hopefully,  if you follow some of these tips you will be on the right track to a glorious mane.

Here it is! 5 Tips For Long Locks!

 1. Eat better- Your hair is a part of your body. It's a reflection of how healthy you are on the inside. Maintain a healthy diet and you will see an improvement in the quality of your hair. Less shine and less breakage! Can you say Win, Win?!

2. Lay off of the heat- Heat kills your hair! I don't care how much protectant you spray on it or how much blow dry cream you use. It is just not good for it! Every time you run a hot tool on your hair, the moisture burns off and it dries it out. If your hair is already dry and brittle you're asking for a  catastrophe.  Brittle hair equal prone to breakage and that means slow growing locks.

3. Condition like your running a marathon- If you think you don't need to condition your hair, you do. Even if you have "greasy" hair. Most likely you are just using the wrong kind of product. Hair needs moisture to grow and it sucks it up like a sponge. Think of your tresses as a plant and conditioner is the water it needs to survive.  If you need help picking a new product go see your Stylist and she can put you on the right track.

4. Love on your scalp- Scalp massages aren't just good for some stress relief, they are good to promote hair growth as well. Massaging your scalp stimulates the follicles on your head to help it grow faster. Im not saying you should have an hour long ritual of massaging your head while you are doing your grocery shopping. 3-5 minutes in the shower PRIOR to conditioning your hair is sufficient.

5. Trim on the regular- This may sound like a step backwards but I promise you it's not. Hair brakes and spits from the harsh things we do to it everyday. By trimming 1/8 of an inch off every 8-12 weeks, you will be telling your locks to regenerate themselves and grow. Anything more than that amount is counterintuitive because of the rate that the average persons hair grows.

As always, stay beautiful, stay you and shine baby! Shine! 

By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

8/2/20 Summer hair help in 4 steps - ravishing rambling life & beauty blog, picture credit pix a bay

8/2/20 Summer hair help in 4 steps

Missouri summers are hot y’all. Humid. Suffocating and horrible on your hair. The word “summer” invokes all kinds of memories, smells, traditions and images like a wonderful 1950s drive-in movie. It’s warm, things look a little brighter and more alive. The birds are chirping, the water sparkles and bon fires with s’mores and lightening bugs are a guarantee.

Unfortunately, that level of bliss is typically not the case for your hair. Hair is tricky. It doesn’t like to be too hot, or cold, too dry, too humid or really “too much” of anything. It’s fragile and even more so during the hot summer months. Every year, at the end of May, I give my Summer hair do’s and don’ts to all of my staff and each person who sits in my chair.

I even set a staff meeting at the beginning of June to discuss our summer hair tactics of how to train their clients on the proper way to take care of their hair. Not because they aren’t skilled in the area, they have heard my speech before. But because our clients are not.

In my industry, summertime is our slowest season. Most people are out soaking up the sun and skip the salon until their locks are fried, falling out and green. Typically, they come to us in about September with a long list of “what the hell is happening to my hair?” Because by that point you’re passed returning to soft manageable tresses. I have broke down my summer hair do’s and don’ts just for you.

I have taken my long 10 page list and condensed it into a 4 step healthy hair process to keep your mane looking shiny and beautiful all summer long. This list doesn’t cover all the things to do to keep your hair in tip-top shape but it does cover the essentials.

For more summer hair information please stop by the Scissors & Shears Salon LLC or sneak into your current hair home and have them tailor the list specifically to your hair.

Get ready for it, it is.

Summer Hair Help in 4 Steps

1. Chlorine & Lake Water Damage-

 What’s the difference between a blonde that swims and the green giant? Not a damn thing. That’s what. Hair is like a white shirt. If you have a white shirt and you toss it into the lake, will the shirt come out white or will it come out the color of the water? If you said the color of the water you are correct. The lighter the hair the stronger the pickup of pigment will be. Lake water isn’t as damaging as chlorine because of the chemicals that chlorine has in it. But it will, dry out and snap off your hair. To protect yourself from either of the problems listed, I have the simplest trick! The key to avoiding damage and green hair is to prepare your tresses before taking the plunge. Dry hair acts like a sponge, so before you swim wet your hair with water or a good professional leave in conditioner. After you get out of the water rinse your hair with water or white vinegar. It will act as a clarifying rise and strip any yucky stuff right out of your hair.

2. Lay off of the heat-

Over cooking anything isn’t ever a good thing. Contrary to popular belief hair isn’t alive. It’s dead. Yes, it grows but not because it’s breathing or technically alive like your rose bush or Aunt Shirley. The healthier you are as a person the healthier your hair will be. If you take a lot of medication, it will show in your hair. If you over heat your hair it will show! Think about it this way. You have a flower that’s dying. You put it in some water. What happens? It shows signs of a little more life. Take the same dying flower and put it in the sun. It will dry out and become crispy in no time. Same thing goes for your hair. If it’s hot out and your hair is exposed to the elements, you’re drying it out. A few things you can do in the summer months to help your hair not over processes in the heat is too, first, lay off the heat! Skip the blow dryer, and avoid hot told all together, let your hair air dry. You won’t be burning off the good molecules this way. Wear a hat and be sure to apply sunscreen to your scalp, skin cancer is no joke and I really don’t want to be The bearer of bad news when you sit in my chair come October.

3. Condition, Condition, Condition-

 I just explained to you in step 1 and 2 how hair will soak up whatever it comes into contact with and will dry out as fast as you can blink. Even if you’re not out doing all the summery things that most people do. The heat and where you live will automatically add some slight damage to your hair without you even having to lift a finger. So regardless of the circumstances, I still recommend all people who have hair on their head get a deep conditioning treatment during the warmer months. Plus it’s better to prepare your hair now for the harsh winter that will soon follow. And winter is always harder on hair than summer is. Try doing an at home conditioning mask once weekly or pop into the salon every 3 weeks to get one professionally done. Adding back lost moisture is a must and honestly, there are only so many ways to do that. A deep conditioning treatment is the most effective one. My favorite one to use is our Scissors & Shears House Treatment. It is a mixture that is tailored to your hair needs and is made up of two things hair loves! Hemp and Keratin. You can also try my DIY conditioning mask that is available a few posts down on this blog.

4. Be the water, drink the water, love the water-

The elixir of life! Your mom, dad, grandma and best friend tell you constantly to drink more and you probably say you are tying but are you trying hard enough? The one thing you will most likely never stop hearing from anyone that cares about your general health, is to drink more water. We’re made of of water, we need it to survive. And the same goes for your hair. I said it earlier. The healthier you are, the healthier your hair will be. Drinking at least 3 liters of water a day will do wonders for your hair and your scalp. Trust me. If you follow any  of my steps, please follow this one. It’s a lifesaver!

Thank you so much for reading. And as always, remember to stay beautiful, stay you and that you are your best self!

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner and Master Stylist of Scissors & Shears Salon LLC located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

7/12/2020 Ravishing Rambling Life & Beauty Blog - “Loving You! 5 self care steps” picture credit pixabay

7/12/2020 Loving You- 5 self care steps!

 With international self care day just around the corner, on July 24, 2020, I thought it would be fun if I gave you some tips and a little insight into how you can give yourself a little extra loving and attention that you so desperately need, daily.  

 When I say self care, I’m not talking about the kind of spa day or beauty salon vision you are probably conjuring up.  I’m talking about taking the time to focus on you. Every day.  Just you. With some not so off the wall, old school skills you feel comfortable using. All the things I have listed below can aid you in reliving stress, harnessing more energy throughout the day, being productive and having a higher emotional awareness of yourself.

  We live in a world that is so go-go-go. And I have found that it is easy to put yourself on the back burner. I see so many people I know do it all the time that it’s becoming our new normal, and it doesn’t have to be.  Are you checking in on yourself like you do everyone else? Are you taking the extra time to breathe or contemplate your life?  Probably not.  

 Let me give ya some ideas.  I’ve come up with 5 tips to help you spend some extra time loving on you. Am I saying you have to do all of them? No. Could you? Yes. Pick one and try it or pick 5 and try them. The choice is yours. 

1. Say NO-  Yup, that’s what I said, say no. It’s easy to get caught up on people pleasing or just saying yes because it’s easier than saying the latter. If you are overwhelmed today, say so! They might look at ya walleyed for a second after you say it but they will respect you for being a normal everyday human. And if they don’t? Get rid of them.  They aren’t needed.  Ask yourself this question: Are you doing anybody else any good if you’re running around thin, doing all the things you don’t want to do, being miserable?  No. You are not. So stop it. Skip the lunch, the errand for a friend or the extra shift at work Sally needs you to cover. It is okay; I promise. If they hate you for putting your well-being first by saying one simple phrase...” no”. Then you didn’t need them around, anyway.


2. Move your body. - Exercise is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. We are objects in motion and need to remain in motion or we end up looking like the tin man. Rusted and creaking.  There are so many things you can do to keep your body in movement and you only need to add about 30 minutes of exercise daily to feel your best.  Yoga, walking, a run, dance or do daily stretches. There are so many things you can do to keep your body moving.  Google “easy self care exercises” and you’ll find a slew of them that will fit your needs. Im not trying to get ya to do 50 burpees and 12 flights of stairs backwards.  That’s not self care- that’s torture and no one has time for that nonsense. The easier and more relaxing the better. We’re working on our most precious person here. You! 

3. Skin care -  Finding a good skin care routine that you see results in is a must.  When you look better feel better? Have you heard that saying? Well, it’s the truth.  

4. Sit for 5 - meditating, relaxing, hiding in the closet from your kids. Whatever floats your boat and works best for you.  Just take the time to do it. We all need a quiet moment and some space.  Carve out a time slot and stick to it.  

4. Breathe- Im not talking about your every day, this is what I do to live, typical breathing. I’m speaking of long, this is my time, yes I am focusing on myself, right at this moment, deep breaths.  The kind where you feel like you inhaled peace.  Practicing deep breathing can clear your mind and help you focus on you, at that moment.  Try it.  Tilt your head back like you’re looking in the sun, but not as far back as a turkey in the rain. (Sorry non-Missouri folks, yes this is actually a thing that turkeys do)  Now, close your eyes. Inhale through your mouth for a count of 4. Tilt your head back to its normal resting position and breathe slowly out through your nose to the count of 4. This is controlled breathing and has caused a calming effect on people.  Did it work for you?  

As always, stay beautiful, stay you and be exactly who you want to be today. 

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner & Master Stylist of Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO. 

6/14/2020 ravishing rambling life & beauty blog " Sun Kissed- Kalyn's top 3 tanning lotion picks for indoor/outdoor tanning." picture credit simplesite pixabay

"Sun Kissed"- Kalyn's top 3 tanning lotion picks for indoor/outdoor tanning.

Have you ever traveled to the Midwest? Or maybe you're lucky enough to live here like me, smack dab in the middle, of the land of nope. I'm a Missourian through and through, I was born & raised here.

Over the course of my travels, as a consultant in the hair industry, I was blessed to get to travel to many beautiful places, that I could have called home. was never the same. Staying longer than the job required was something I never did. New York, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, Canada, the list goes on. But they were never "home". If that makes sense?

I actually missed driving forever to get to another town, the smell of grass when it's wet, the sound of cicadas or the howl of coyotes at dusk. Really long summer nights and even the really short winter days. The back road cruises accompanied by the sweet smell of wildflowers and the loud crunch of gravel.

I. Love. This. Place.

But that doesn't mean I couldn't love it more. 

Talk to me in June and I'll complain the entire time. It's hotter than anywhere I've ever been. Ever. But, it's not just the heat that get's ya. It's the HUMIDITY. The kind of air that mimics a sauna turned up way to high. It's wet and gross and when you step out into it and take a breath, you feel instantly like you'll drown.

It's hot, hot, hot y'all. Like scorching. It's a true Missouri summer, for sure. The kind of summer where the best memories are made. 

Picture it...Missouri 1988. (Oh yes. I did quote golden girls)

I remember waking up in the back of a car rolled up like a burrito, to my mother and her best friend singing some Aerosmith song at the top of their lungs. Driving down a highway, windows all down, chasing the sun. My mother is a true California girl. She grew up there and relished her time spent on the beach and in the sand. She hates Missouri. But she knew it was my home so she stayed here for me. That doesn't mean we didn't have some adventures. She liked to call our jaunts "sun hunts".

We would drive and drive to where the sun would be out the best. And then we would chase it. Across cities, towns, rivers or even our  own back yard. She wanted to lay out and soak up all of its rays. She would say that it revitalized her, fueled her. Remind her of home.  We went through so much baby oil and iodine in those days. I loved watching how her skin would turn so shiny and golden. She would glow.

Things haven't changed much in the decades that have passed since we chased the sun. I don't randomly wake up in the back of a 1970 cutlass supreme, so thats a plus. She still lays out daily and ignores my consistant begging for her to actually use a good sunscreen or one at all for that matter.  She still is a wonderer and Cali girl. 

Over my years of being in the beauty industry I have had some amazing opportunities to test out so many wonderful products. Tanning lotions, being one of them. I've compiled a list of my top 3 tanning lotions for indoor or outdoor tanning use, to give you that spectacular 1980's tan. Deep, dark, glistening and no orange.

Weather you're laying out in your backyard next to a boom box or you're on a beach somewhere. These are sure to get you the tan you desire. Here are my top 3 picks that I have tested and used myself. Enjoy!

1.Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses:

This one is my favorite! It smells like summer. Isn't sticky and has no weird smell or tacky feel once it's heated up. This one is great for helping build a tan base so fair skin in game.  Did I mention that it also is awesome for firming the skin? Yes please. The cons- this one has no spf and does not help jump over tanning plateaus.

2. Australian Gold Dark tanning Accelerator:

This tanning lotion is a good blend of Vitamins E and A which aids in protecting cellular damage caused by ultraviolet exposure. This lotion is great for all skin types looking for a golden tan indoors or outdoors. No orange and no streaking! The cons- no spf.

3. The Millenium Solid Black x100:

This one has a bunch of top notch ingredients including some that have proven health benefits. Its great for breaking through a plateau in your tan and has quick results since it has bronzers in it. This one has bronzers in it so if you are one of the ones who has a hard time changing color, this one is your best bet! The con- it has a strong Cologne smell to it and no spf. 

As always, stay beautiful, stay you and be kind today.  

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner & Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses

Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator

Millennium Solid Black x100

5/31/2020 Easy Twisty Bun Tutorial

I am all for quick, easy, throw it up and go hairstyles. Remember, I once told you that, I do everyone else's hair, not mine? I am busy. Just like every other woman on this planet. 


I have a million and ten things to do, every minute, of every day that I am awake. And there seems to be more awake moments than asleep moments here lately. I have kids, errands, a house, gobs of committee meetings, a blog and two businesses to run. I am worn out. Even on lockdown, life never stopped. I do not have time to spend hours trying to do my hair every day. Actually, I do not want to spend that much time doing it.  

The people I love most would tell you I'm on the verge of burning out. And they may be right. On those busy days it's hard to look your best. It is hard to keep up.  Every woman I know makes sacrifices with her appearance in some way, shape or form because she doesn't have the "time".

 Hopefully this quick and cute updo can make your morning routine a little easier when trying to come up with a hairstyle to fit your busy schedule. It's easy, looks great and takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. Did i mention it is one of my favorite styles?

Here it is...

Easy Twisy Bun Tutorial

What you will need:

1. Brush

2. 4 small hair ties or clear bands

3. 5-6 Bobby pins

4. Hairspray

How to do it:

1. Brush your hair out and part it directly down the middle leaving out some pieces in the front to frame your face.

2. Divide your hair in the highest back point of your head into two pony tails- or pig tails as we call them in Missouri.

3. Take one of the pony tails and twist it clockwise until you have reached the end. Secure with another hair tie.

4. Repeat steps three on your other ponytail. Secure with a hair tie. You should now have 2 pony tails on the back of your head twisted up and secured.

5. Holding each pony in one of each of your hands wrap them around each other to form sort of a bun.

6. Pin in place with Bobby pins

7. Take your fingers and loosen the now pinned twisty bun to cover all of your ties and pins

8. Adjust the framed pieces with left out on step 1 to look the way you want them to.

9. Spray with hair spray

10. Have a great hair day!

By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Diane bobby pins

As an Amazon Associate we do earn money from quilfying purchases.

5/10/2020 Ravishing Rambling "Mommin' is hard, yo!" picture credit pixabay

Mommin' is hard, yo!

Being a mother is hard. Hard. Hard. Hard.

Imagine having to move the Earth across space with your hands tied behind your back. Impossible right? Sometimes that's what being a mother feels like. Doing so many impossible things all the time to make someone else's world keep spinning? You are completely and totally responsible for another humans soul and wellbeing, not just your own.

Some people compare it to owing a pet but really it's not at all the same. Well- I take that back. Little people do like to eat food off the floor, pee on things they shouldn't and climb all over the furniture. And truth be told, my boxer puppy was way more well behaved than my kids. I never had to take her to the emergency room for sticking a bead she found from the library in her nose. Twice.

No one ever told me that I would be covered in someone else's bodily fluids for a few years straight, scrubbing fruit snacks off the ceiling, worried sick about a cough that sounds like the plague, and actually could be, given its 2020 and the world is legit fighting off one at the moment. Or the guilt that being a mother carries.


No one ever tells you that you will cry yourself to sleep once a week at minimum,  praying to God that you're not screwing them up or breaking their beautiful soul and wonderful wild spirits. THE GUILT!

Fact is, people. When your a mother you give up your self. You give up your rights to be selfish. You give up who you are to help them grow into what they should be. It just happens. Your job on this planet is now to make sure their time here is well spent and filled with love, all while keeping the little ticking time bombs alive and in one piece. 

When I had my kids I gave up who I was so I could love them more. Ladies, how many times in your life have you stopped your dreams to help someone else's? Taken that extended leave from work for two years to stay home with your babies? Not taken the trip or bought the beautiful purse? Handed over that last bite of cheese cake, the chicken strip or m&m? Woke up super early to stay extra late, just to make enough money to pay for school lunches or dance lessons. Answering the hard questions as to why Billy's mom is always at the school parties and you can't be.

You give up bits and pieces of yourself to become what they need you to be. You compare yourself to your sister-in-law or your best friend and wonder why you can't possibly be as good as they are. How is that doing anyone, any good? Are we really being what they need by doubting our every move? Are we doing our children a service by putting ourselves on the back burner and constantly comparing?


It took me almost a decade to figure out that I AM MY OWN BRAND OF MOTHER. Not my mother, not the mother my best friend is, or my neighbor is, or my coworker is. I realized I needed to be the mother my kids need. I need to be the mom that I am the best at being. I need to be my OWN kind of example. I am happiest when I am loving myself. Taking the time to be me a little more. Wearing the dress and not the old jeans. Spending the $20 on me for once ( guilt follows-beware).

Saying "no" to giving them that last m&m and enjoying its crunchy-melty goodness as I eat it and laugh diabolically locked in my bathroom. What I realized is that I can not be 100% there for them if I'm not 100% here for me. I am not going to be as good as some other mothers and sometimes and occasionally without realizing it, I might actually be doing a little better...I don't have a mom squad or a group of females ready to watch my kids, along with the 26 other kids of our closest friends, so I can go have drinks with them and talk about Fifty Shades. Which by the way I'm not a fan of. I know--I'm weird. What mom doesn't like Fifty Shades? Well, this one apparently.

I have my small village of wonderful people and I have me. I also realize that giving up some of me was the right thing to do. I let go of the child I was to become the Mother I am supposed to be. I wouldn't change a thing. I love myself differently than I did before I had my kids and it took me so long to get here.

I love how I can multi-task, problem solve, make some pretty rad cookies, make ouchies disappear with a quick kiss, and yell like a mad woman for the hundredth time that "if those toys don't get picked up out of the floor I'm throwing them all in the trash". So, I guess, it's not that I quit loving myself so I could love them more, it's that I loved me different so I could love them the best.

So this rambling is for the "other mothers". The moms who have the hard time, the ones who give up the cheesecake, don't have the squad and can't take one more night of the dreaded guilt. You are who I'm writing too. You are my mom twin.

You dear, sweet, pretty lady are the best mom you can be. And I want you to do one thing for me. I want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself you are a good mother, you are a good wife, a good friend, a good sister or whatever else you need to hear. Then I want you to go eat some chocolate in the closet or bathroom so the kids can't find you. And then when your all done taking that one extra minute for yourself. I want you to go give your babies a kiss and whisper your hearts language in their ears. Now, look at their faces. Do you see that? Do you feel that? That my dear, is love and that my dear is why you are a mom and that my dear, is you living your life in a mothers way. That my dear, is why you gave up some of yourself so you could love them more. It makes it all worth it now, huh?

Happy Mothers Day!

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Salon owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC located in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

4/19/2020 Ravishing Rambling Life & Beauty Blog "Authentically Happy in 8 Steps" Picture credit pixabay

4/19/2020 Authentically Happy in 8 Steps

Life is crazy confusing right now. It seems somedays we have all of the time in the world and then somedays we have none at all.  One thing i've had a ton of time to do is reflect.  Reflect on what I want, what I need and what I don't. 

I had a friend of mine tell me the other day " I wish I was handling all of this as well as you.  Being on lockdown is miserable and I am losing my mind. I just don't know how you do it all and are happy...constantly." The truth in the matter is she is wrong. I am a mess of feelings too, just like the rest of the wrold. This is a crappy time for everyone.

"Let me tell you something Ash. And I want you to listen closely. You are doing an amzing job at life. Do not forget that." I responded 

You see, my dear sweet friend doesn't take in to account that she is a mother of many. A sister, wife, coworker and an amazing friend. She doesn't consider her weekly church donation, she is still making,  even when not attending church due to the virus special. Or her overwhelming love for animals as being a great deed. Do you know why? Because she is humble. She is a great person! 

I truly believe the best thing you can do for yourself is to try to grow in any direction you can. Comparing yourself to others successes or failures is one of the worst things you can do to your person. If you see and opportunity to make a conscious effort to improve your life, direction and mind, take it! It's the decision that sets the course.

Do not follow someone else's path or destination they choose for you. Make your own!

My opinion is there are really, only two directions if you narrow down the search. You can either be soaring or you can be stagnant. Deciding to make a difference in your own life and in others is key. It will not only make you feel better about yourself, it will bring opportunities and possibilities into your life that you could only have dreamed of.

 We talked a lot that afternoon. So much talking! Did I change my friends mind about the way she sees herself? Probably not. But at least now she knows how much she means too me and all of the wonderful things I see in her.

So this article is for her, you and anyone else who needs it.  I had so much fun compiling this list of 8 simple things you can do to be your happiest. 

Here it is; Authentically Happy in 8 steps


Step 1 is simple enough. Be you. Authentically you. Mistakes, flaws and all. Admit the bad & the ugly and improve from there. Be truly aware of who you are and who you are not.


Show some love by complimenting someone. I'm not saying lie! I mean genuinely complimenting something great about a person. Find something they are doing that's awesome or different and throw out some nice words. A lot of times people want to feel appreciated. Small words of kindness make people happy. Try it!


We can pretend all day that we like everybody we meet. But that's not true. I have a long list of people that have done me wrong, just as I'm sure you do, and if you don't please tell me your secret! It's always easy to help someone that you know, love, or like. But it is almost nearly impossible to help someone you don't. Your actions should be a reflection of who you want to be regardless of who is asking for the help. I'm not saying it's going to be easy, what I am saying, is it will be worth it. Spread the kindness, receive the kindness.


Well for obvious resons, due to the Covid-19 pandemic half of this one isn't going to be relavent until our stay ar home order is lifted, fingers crossed that it is before 2021. So im going to brake this one down a little differently.

   After stay at home orders: Get out there and mingle! No one ever did anything by laying on their couch eating chips and hot sauce. Go to a crafting class, visit a new business and ask to pass out some marketing. 

  During Stay at home orders: Start a blog about local homeless pets, or a mom group on facebook for fun ideas while locked inside. Get in your car and take a drive around town picking up trash.  Always think of ways you can add value to your community.

5. QUIT!

We all have our little bad habits. People pleasing, saying yes constantly, caffeine, smoking, tanning, eating the grapes at the grocery store before paying for them, etc. Pick something you know isn't helping you grow as a person and get rid of it.


I have a serious case of RBF. It's bad. I've had more little old men, I don't know, tell me to "smile" than I would like to admit. It’s hard when you are in a rush to be aware of your facial expressions when your around people. But a little smile goes a long, long way. Smiling at a passerby, especially in the morning makes the day happy for everyone.


If you know me personally then you know I love, love, love to give gifts! It's even a huge part of my business. So surprise someone you know, love or work with with a small gift and I promise you, your spirits will be as high as theirs are. No matter how grown we are, the good surprises never get old. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture, sometimes a simple card in the mail will suffice.


Never settle for less than you are worth. And always remember your worth more than you think. You are someone's safe & happy place. You are someone's light and you can be anything you want to be. But the best person to be is the best version of yourself. I hope that you can take away at least one small thing to help you be a little happier from this list.  For random mini ramblings, feel free to follow me on facebook at @KalynWellerGoode

By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Ravishing Ramblings Story Time

Ravishing Ramblings Story Time Post & Schedule

 Oh my goodness you guys it has been a week! A long, terrible, sad and scary week. I know you all are going through the exact same thing. But I want to assure you that you're not alone and everything will be okay. I promise.

I know it's a hard and kind of sketchy out there right now but I know, deep down in my soul we are going to pull through this. You are going to pull through this. I am going to pull through this. And we're going to come back with a vengeance.

Our whole planet is now at war with an enemy we can't see. A big, mean, skilled killing enemy named Covid-19, the coronavirus. My head just can't seem to wrap its self around it and my heart really can't take much more. So I've decided to treat this as a mandatory vacation and try to spread as much cheer as I possibly can.

Ravishing Rambling's sister company, Scissors & Shears Salon LLC has decided to close its doors until our state of Emergency, recently declared in our city, is lifted. To know more about that please visit but with that being said we have some fun things that we will be collaborating on! And I'm kind of excited about it. And honestly, who couldn't use a little excitement right now?

Starting Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 we will be starting our small video segments, on the Scissors & Shears Salon Facebook page (@ScissorsShearsSalonLLC) directed toward the little people of our community! We will be reading bedtime stories to all of our kiddos around the USA and the world if they chose to tune in. We will also be adding many more hair tutorial videos from our staff and some really fun giveaways, like our 12 days of Easter! Even though the salon isn't open for business right at the moment, we are still thinking of you guys and want to remain as involved as we can! I have listed the schedule for what we're now calling our "Ravishing Rambling Story Time" brought to you by me, Kalyn the owner of Scissors & Shears below.

I hope that you can have your littles tune in and find some happiness in some of the books we've chosen. Some may ask why I decided to do this instead of focusing strictly on hair with S&S and the lifestyle blog with RR. My answer is simply this: Scissors & Shears didn't start as a dream of being an ordinary hair salon. It's anything but ordinary to be honest with you. It was founded with the idea in mind that we would help provide a safe space for our community and be involved with the ones who matter the most. The Children.

This is why in everything we do we always try to give back to the kiddos. And right now, I cannot see any other way to do so since we're stuck inside. Our children are watching us, guys. It's time we show them this world isn't so dark and people care about them. Especially this girl. I may not know you at all or see you regularly. But I love you. For who you are & what I know you're capable of being. We have got this. We will get through this and we are capable of doing this! Say it again for the people in the back who couldn't hear or say it again just for you.

We. Have. Got. This.

Ravishing Rambling Story Time Segment Schedule:

*All story videos will be published at 7pm each night. You can catch them on the Scissors & Shears Salon Facebook page, the Scissors & Shears Website as well as right here on Ravishing Ramblings!

Please tune in and tell us what you think!

Tuesday 3/24/20

Friday 4/3/20

Tuesday 4/7/20

Tuesday 4/14/20

Tuesday 4/21/20

Friday 4/24/20

Saturday 4/25/20

Remember, stay beautiful, stay healthy, wash your hands and stay you. I love you today.

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Mini Rambling Schools Out 4/10/2020 picture credit simplesite

4/10/2020 Mini Rambling - Schools Out

This one should be short, sweet and to the point. I get it you guys...I really do. Homeschooling sucks. Not having a graduation for our seniors at the pre-scheduled time sucks. Explaining to your pre-k little that they can't go see their favorite teacher again sucks. Telling your son he can't play spring sports sucks. Breaking the bad news to your daughter that the prom dress you just bought isn't going to be able to be used sucks.

Telling my first grader she can't return until 2nd grade effing sucked and it sucked bad.

The FACT of the matter is- none of us planned for this. None of us wanted this to be the outcome. I'm not a teacher. I'm no good at spelling words and algebra. Hell, I'm hardly good at all of life half the time. I am a human. But as a parent we don't have easy choices. We're all in the same boat guys. We can do this.

How do I know this?

There isn't another option- that's why. We have to. We have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and show our kids we have this under control even if we don't. They are watching and they will remember. From the littlest of them to our biggest ones.

I don't want to see another person complain about how they have to home school. How money they recently spent on prom dresses and graduation invites was all for nothing. . Life is all about perspective. And my heart is telling me that our perspectives are out of tune. Those invites, prom dress and Letterman jackets weren't for nothing. We didn't know this was going to happen. It was for them. Our kids. Our futures.

The time we're putting in with our kids NOW by showing them that we can lead, guide, prioritize and teach them isn't for nothing. It's for EVERYTHING.


Do you want to know what sucks more? Them not being safe. With them at home with us they are safe. Let that sink in.

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By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Our New World Covid-19 From a parents point of view 3/19/20 Ravishing Rambling Photo credit Pixabay

3/19/20 Our New World Covid-19 From A Parents View

We went from “thank God it’s almost spring, to it’s the end of times”, real quick y’all. Real. Quick. Back in December of 2019, just a few short months ago, we were getting word that there was a new stain of flu popping up in China. Caronavirus. I don’t feel it necessary to review the timeline of how we got to this point. Because, frankly, if you don’t know how covid-19 started by now, you’re living under a rock and I cannot help you.

What I can tell you is that we’re not dealing with just a normal case of the flu here people. We’re dealing with something we can’t control or cure, shortages of everything you can think of and mass panic. Everyone has had or will have a cold in their lifetime. Is part of our existence and there isn’t anything we can do to prevent them. We are all lucky enough that we live in a day and age where treatment, medicines, doctors and science are readily available at our fingertips. Most colds we become ill with, our bodies have already built an immunity to fight off.

We have a cure to almost everything these days, unlike our predecessors, and we know that sanitation plays a huge part in our overall success of remaining healthy. We’re able to take medicines, get vaccinations, get checkups and have access to all kinds of necessities that maintain our overall health anywhere in the world. If you want an example of when we did not have functioning health systems in place, just look at the Black Plague.

But this “flu” seems to be different. Something feels off. Not right.

I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on about this virus. Any article that pops across my news feeds. Some written from people like me, doctors, politicians, parents, teachers, single guys, teen girls, media outlets, etc. Why? Because I need to get a handle on everyone’s points of views. Collect data for my brain to process any information necessary that will inform me to better prepare myself. I need to gauge where the masses stand. I need to see if we’re on the brink of disaster like some say or if this isn’t that big of a deal like others say.

Unfortunately, I think disaster is imminent.

Remember, a few months back when I published my 101 life lessons? One of my rules is to always have 2 ways out of any situation. Be that situation a relationship, work or a something like what we’re facing now. I’m extra worried this time around guys. More so than when H1N1 was declared an emergency back in 2007.

Why am I worried now?

Point blank... because I’m a mom now. I have littles to keep alive, safe, loved, cared for & fed. I have a family that means everything to me. A mother, father, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents that I worry about constantly. When you become a parent, your whole identity changes. Your life changes. Your ability to love, reason, rationalize, compartmentalize, negotiate and fight all change. Instantly. It’s a very primal feeling.

I remember the nurse handing me my first child. After months of waiting and wondering, I finally got to meet my baby and experience what everyone always talked about. That “when you're a parent” feeling moms and dads always used to justify why their emotions are as strong as they are. When they handed her to me and I looked at her face, I knew in that exact moment my world didn’t belong to me anymore. It belonged to someone else, someone so precious and perfect. Someone I needed to need to protect, always and forever.

No. Matter. What. The. Cost.

It is an overwhelming feeling that NEVER goes away. It only intensifies as they get older and gain more independence from you. Now let’s add more kids in to the mix. That overwhelming feeling I just described is now debilitating. Parents tell me if I’m wrong here, but your main job in life is to take care of your tiny humans. Ask any mom or dad why they are on this earth and they will most likely tell you something to do with their kids. That’s just how it is. So, yeah. This whole situation scares the hell out of me.

From what I understand after researching this virus, searching through notable Doctor opinion based articles, is that this strain of coronavirus dubbed covid-19 is brand new virus to humanity. It came from a bat. Typically, that is where these things start, animals. It comes on just like a regular cold, mimics it almost perfectly and can turn deadly overnight.

It is transmitted via two ways. Through personal contact and close airborne transmission. I’ll note that some are reporting now that it could be Aerosol transmission. Meaning that it might travel across far greater distances than just being in the same room as someone infected.

But why is it so scary?

Because prior to this incident starting, no one has ever been exposed to covid-19 before. We have no vaccine for it and no natural immunity to it, which means we can’t do anything about it. It’s killing people. Yes, the typical flu kills people, but not at this rate.  Our hospitals do not have the capacity to treat all Americans at once. What happens when our health care workers get sick? For every one person infected, they say that person can infect 3 more people.

If each of those people were to repeat that pattern and infect three more and we continue down that path, for lord knows how long we are now looking at millions of Americans being sick at once. Let’s say, based on regular flu numbers and percentages of deaths we have from past flu’s, we would then see hundreds of thousands of People perish over this one strain. At a faster rate than we ever expected. That is horrifying. And that’s the exact future I see playing out for us. 

Our elderly and people with immunity problems would go first because they are at the highest risk. We would lose our families, friends, neighbors and children to something we cannot control because this got so out of hand. Just by watching the way everyone pillaged the grocery stores for toilet paper, hand sanitizer and anything else that they thought they might need to hoard in case of an emergency, scares me. I’m terrified of what they will all do when it really gets worse. Our country is not at a point of millions infected. But we could be if we don’t follow the precautionary measures we have been given by the CDC and government. At the current rate of transmission, I’m predicting up to 200k and then some dying. Not just infected, but actually dying. 

We’re in a state of emergency for a reason. We, as American people, want our freedom. We’re used to going where we want, when we want, and doing what we want to, all the time. Limiting our social exposer and canceling major functions we look forward to sucks. There isn’t an American person I know that likes to be told no, or don’t do that. But I think for our safety folks, it’s just going to be a pill we swallow for now. We’re still a free people. We still have rights. They have taken nothing from us. We just need to look collectively at the health of our loved ones and make it a priority. Take the extra steps to sanitize and do what’s necessary to prove that the spread of this disease. We will find approved treatments, and we will fight this.

But until then we need to be on high alert. The last thing I want is for my children to grow up without their Grandma because some jerk, who has been infected but didn’t take it seriously, coughed on the ATM and thought it was no big deal. I don’t want to watch my daughter, who has immunodeficiency problems, choke on her own spit with pneumonia, because we didn’t follow the protocol that we could have to keep her safe. So cancel your vacation Sally and tell Bobby he can’t go to the Concert. Stay in your community and support your small businesses instead of traveling out of town.

Live your life, but limit it for now. Stay home! Wash your hands constantly and sanitize everything. This will die down if we can do those things. Unfortunately, whether you believe it, this is a serious situation.

Just look at China or Italy and tell me it’s not.

By: Kalyn Weller Goode Owner & Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Help...My Hair is Falling Out! Ravishing Rambling 2/23/20 Photo Credit Simplesite

2/23/20 Help...My Hair is Falling Out! Ravising Rambling, picture credit: simplesite

I’m full of so many fun facts you guys. Really, I am. Weird, random, unusual, interesting facts about anything and everything. But one of my favorite topics to spit facts out about are the hair loss topics. I told you it was weird. Well, possibly not. I am a Stylist after all. And I bleed knowledge of all thing’s hair. Shedding strands is a normal thing for humans just as much as it is animals. Every thing with hair sheds. It slows the roll of the vacuum and clogs the drain like no one’s business.

The average person loses about 100 strands of hair every day. Some people lose a little more, some a little less. A lot of factors come into play concerning how much and why. Speaking of factors, like I said, there are so many. Which also means it will most likely be hard to put a marker on the exact cause of why your mane is falling out.

All I can do is present you with a select portion of my vast wealth of knowledge on the subject and hopefully find you a remedy to your troubled locks. Hair loss in women is a very common problem- much more than most people realize. Based on statistics, research shows us that in every 3 women, 1 of them will have significant hair loss and a reduced volume of hairs during some phase of their lifetime. Don’t freak out yet! Let’s dive into why this could be happening first.

Typically there are two main causes of hair loss in women. Genetic hair loss and Reactive hair loss.

Genetic loss of hair means you’re predisposed to thinning due to your family history. Normally, you will notice a gradual but continual progression of the volume of the hair. The actual follicle shrinks down, producing a thinner hair with each cycle until eventually, the hair is so thin it’s non existent. Which means it won’t grow at all anymore out of that broken follicle.

Reactive loss of hair, means your hair loss is the result of a certain trigger. Typically stress is the culprit. But it can also occur from diets, poor health, bad hygiene or to many chemicals being used on the scalp. The good thing about Reactive hair loss is that you most likely can reverse it with stopping whatever started the thinning in the first place. I don’t have near enough space or time to be able to go into detail of every single factor as to why your beautiful tresses are falling out. But I can give you a quick rundown of some main causes. It’s up to you to do your research and go see your doctor if necessary.

As always, if you aren’t sure, pop into your local number one hair salon and ask your Stylist to give you his or her opinion. They cannot diagnosis you, that’s specifically a doctors job, but maybe they can give you some tips, tricks and advice and ease your mind a little bit.

#1- Stress- nope, it’s not a myth. It really can make you lose your hair. It can also cause other problems like dandruff and a bad digestive system. Take a chill pill people. I know, easier said than done. #2- Anemia- Iron is essential for producing hair cell protein, without it, your strands will start thinning and falling out.

#3- hormonal charges- Your hormones play a huge part in the cycle of hair growth. If your hormones are out of sync this can cause catastrophic things to start to happen to your body. Not only with your hair but your skin and internal organs. Acne, weigh loss , hair loss and thinning are typically key indicators.

#4- Thyroid issues- The thyroid gland regulates the body’s metabolism by controlling the production of proteins. Any thyroid imbalance will affect hair follicles. Also if left untreated it can cause a multitude of other problems with your overall health. If you feel this may be your issue, please go see your doctor.

#5- overall health- it could be a lack of vitamins, exercise, a poor diet or your age. All of these things come into play when we’re talking about your hair. First off, obviously, it is attached to your person. This means it is a part of your body and needs to be treated as such. So many people forget that hair is a part of you. If you are not running a smooth sailing ship the ship will fall to pieces, same goes for your included.

So eat better, get lots of rest, drink all of the water you can find, take your vitamins and remain active! I cannot stress these things enough. If out of all the advice I’ve given today I hope that last piece was the one that stuck. Because it’s the one guaranteed to aid you in gorgeous hair and a long life. Stay pretty my dears. And remember you are beautiful just the way you are.

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner and Master Stylist of Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

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How about them Chiefs you guys? We fought for our right to party and we are now the Super Bowl 54 Champions! If you missed the game, it was pretty awesome and shame on you because we really do know how to make a comeback. But if you didn’t then you probably saw our boys rally for the win and possibly even had a chance to glimpse the so called, "risky" halftime show.

This year’s show was lead by two strong Latino women, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. These two ladies have some deep Latin and Hispanic roots spread through many cultures and were amazing at showcasing where they come from. They can sing, dance and shake it, shake it. I thought they did great! I had called my 6 almost 7-year-old daughter into the living room to watch the halftime show with me. She is obsessed with all things related to our hispanic culture and loves anything at all that has to do with singers. I briefly explained to her right before it started, that, the two women who were about to come on stage were some pretty amazing Latin ladies.

I told her they were really pretty, loved to sing, dance and preform. I also explained how these women are in charge of their own lives and have made it all the way to where they are all on their own. That these women’s destinies were made by them and no one else. She sat there the entire time with her eyes glued to the television and when it was over, she looked at me and said “They did great! I want to be a rockstar when I grow up to. Can I have gold shoes like Shakira?” That was it folks. She walked away happy, dancing, singing and strutting like she just had a big enough boost of confidence to keep her going until the end of time.

She was happy, so I was happy. She never once said “why is she wearing that? Why is she dancing like that? Can I be a stripper?” She wasn’t concerned like the rest of the world over what they wore or how one of them stuck their tongue out too many times. She didn’t care! That’s the cool thing about kids. They have no reservations. They make their own opinions and if you let them without trying to influence them, typically, they are pretty good judges of character. But…the after show comments, tweets & posts painted a different picture of what I expected out of our culture in 2020. Especially from other Women. I realized that it only goes one of two ways.

You’re either a bully or not. A Bully: a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable with the use of actions or words. I’ve read more crispy words, slimy comments and salty posts than I have ever cared too. Most people are taught from a very young age, two different rules that I honestly feel are cornerstones to becoming a productive member of society.

Rule #1: If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Rule #2: Treat others how you want to be treated.

I’m really big on perspective. It’s common knowledge that we all see things a bit differently from other people. We are individuals with thoughts, dreams, feelings and a bunch of other nonsense thrown into a pot to make us who we are. Our upbringing has a lot to do with how we view life and in my opinion, plays a large role in how we deal with our everyday life as adults. I saw more women degrading other women than I ever wanted to see on social media, tv or in person.

I get it Karen, you’re mad that Jennifer was on a pole. I see it as her promoting her new movie. You’re upset that Shakira was using a rope to dance because it’s teaching our daughters to allow men to victimize her. I see it as her paying homage to her roots and culturally dancing. Well Karen, you weren’t complaining when they came out with 50 Shades either were you? If I can remember right you praised the movie and called it a masterpiece. So excuse me while I seem confused that you are degrading two women who are doing exactly what they are famous for doing...dancing and singing!

My job on this earth as a mother to girls, is to raise them strong. Stock them up with enough self love and feelings of empowerment that a bully like Karen can’t make a dent in their character. It’s my job as a mother to educate my child and let them know that there are people out there that will try to hurt them for no particular reason at all. And it’s also my job as a mother to shut those people down. So If you’re one of the ones who is salty about the halftime show.

I get it.

It’s not how you were raised and not something you feel that young women need to see. You don’t think that doing anything other than being quiet and submissive is okay for women, no matter the age. I am here to tell you, that I will make sure that my kids know it’s not Shakira and Jen’s dancing that gives women a bad name. It’s you and your closed minded ways Karen.

By: Kalyn Weller Goode owner and master stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

2/9/20 How about them Chiefs. Ravishing Rambling, picure credit pixabay

2/9/20 How about them chiefs?!

1/19/20 4 Steps To Winter Proofing Your Mane Ravishing Rambling, Photo Credit Pixabay

1/19/20 4 Steps to Winter Proofing Your Mane

It's so cold. Like The Christmas Story cold. Where the kid gets his tongue stuck to the Pole cold. It's frigid, People! But on a side note, I also live in Missouri and it really could be 95 degrees tomorrow, so my complaining is hopefully short lived.

I talk a lot about all of the things that you do on the daily that are bad for your hair. One thing you can't control, that causes some major damage to your tresses, is the weather. Hot or cold, weather is severely damaging and you need to do your best to beat the elements. Mother Nature can be a great friend but an even better enemy especially during the colder months. Below is my list of 4 major steps I've compiled to help you and your mane survive even the harshest of winters where ever you may live. 4 steps for winter proofing your mane.

1) Skip the Washing 
When the temperatures during the colder months start plummeting so does the moisture content of your hair. These are the days to skip a few washes and opt instead for some dry shampoo, like TIGI Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo, which will add some extra oils to your already dry scalp with its conditioning formulation. Dry shampoo is best when only used for 2-3 days at a time. You don't want to over layer the product and cause buildup on your scalp so be sure to really scrub with a hydrating shampoo when you do wash, like ISO Hydra Wash. This will help aid your so your not stripping all of your recently hard earned oils out that are essential for keeping hair in pristine condition. Follow up with step 2!

 2) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize. 

Pick a really thick and luxurious conditioner to help keep your tresses looking smooth. Think of conditioner as a really good face cream but for your hair. You want something with very little alcohol, no parabens, waxes, sulfates or dyes. And yes, the better the products the better the result. Cheap isn't always a good thing, especially in the Salon industry. Make it a rule of thumb to buy a professional product and you will not be sorry. I promise there is a big difference from a good quality salon brand versus a box store brand. I like to tell my clients to look at the internal product before buying. Ya know? The part ya actually use. The conditioner in its self. Take the lid off and squeeze the bottle to see the consistency of the product. You want to look for one that is think that would have trouble pouring out of the bottle if tipped over. The thicker the conditioner, in my opinion, the better the quality. My personal favorite is Passion Flower Color Care by Bain De Terre.

3) Heat is not your friend. 

Any Stylist will tell you that if you want to avoid damage to put the hot tools down and back away, slowly. It's proven that it’s best to let your hair dry naturally. But not all of us can devote that kind of dry time into our routine so if you must use heat, please, keep it low and slow. Towel drying prior to blow drying will cut your time down in half. Be sure to squeeze out the excess water and pat. Not rub, the towel on your hair! If you want some extra heat protection try using some Bain De Terre blow dry cream Cream for that added layer of condition and shine!

4) Hydrate 

Even I am guilty of not drinking enough water. I didn't say I always practice what I preach and this will hopefully be my reminder. Hair is a part of your body. Your body needs water to survive. That's a fact. So, since it's 90% of what we are made of our hair needs constant drinks too. Without proper hydration, no amount of products can help you. You must start from the inside and work your way out. Drinking at least half of your body weight in water everyday will combat signs of aging, hair loss, weight gain and all kinds of other things. It's pretty simple...water is our best friend, so drink up! Your hair will noticeably be shinier, softer and retain moisture better.

As always, thank you for reading! Stay beautiful, stay you and have a fantastic hair day!

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

1/5/20 Beach Vibes- 5 Reasons To Become A Bronzed Goddess With A Spray Tan!

1/5/20 Beach Vibes- 5 Reasons To Become A Bronzed Goddess With A Spray Tan!

Hello there lovely. Yep, I am talking to you.

What is bronzed and glowing and leaves you with an extra confidence booster? A spray tan of course! Now hear me out for just a second, because I know you're already creating those dreaded mental pics of an oompa loompa from Willy Wonka with your head attached to a short orange body. And you would have been right, with the overall look of those conjured images 10 years ago, but not now.

I used to think the same thing every time someone would say the words “spray tan”. I get it- trust me, I do. I’ve had my share of bad experiences and Willy Wonka days and I used to make fun of them too, but then I got one… a good one. A personal, professional one and now I’m hooked. So if you’re skeptical, like I used to be or have just never had one for whatever reason. I’m here to help you make that decision a little easier. I’ve devised a list of 5 reasons you should take the plunge into the bronze goddess abyss and get a Spray tan right away.

But...Before I get started on my five reasons why you should get spray tan today, please take into consideration that not all formulas are the same and not all Salons will meet all the criteria of a good spray tanning facility. Personally, I prefer a by hand airbrush spray instead of a automatic spray booth. The booths cannot see all of your areas that need a little extra attention but an airbrush professional can. Find someone you are comfrorable with. And please don't be afraid of them seeing you with out clothes on or in your skivys.

They are professionals and will conduct themselves a such. We don't care what you look like naked, as long as your happy and feel comfortable. If you can opt for getting the real deal, I would suggest doing so. As always, please, do your research before picking a salon. Check and see what Formulations they use and how long they think the spray will last. A good spray tan will last about 10-15 days. See what options they have for different color variations.

Do they have more than one formula? Is it waterproof? Is it vegan? Have they have tested it on animals or does it contain formaldehyde? These are all fantastic questions to keep in mind and ask before booking your appointments.

Beach Vibes- 5 reasons to become a Bronzed Goddess with a Spray tan today...

1. Smooth as a baby’s butt-

Certain formulas of tanning solution have things in them like DHA, keratin, coconut water, caffeine, oils and serums. Most of the time these formulations will only be available at a high end salon or a salon that specifically targets tanning clients. A perfectly applied spray tan can and will hide light scars, cellulite, stretch marks and help aid with acne. If you apply a bronzer/ barrier mixture over the areas that need more camouflaging, you’ll be left with flawless sun kissed skin.

2. Hello gorgeous-

Doesn’t the saying go: when you look good you feel good. Well, the term couldn’t more correct. After, checking out your fresh spray tan in all of your clothes-less glory I promise you will see yourself in a different light. It will erase most blemishes for the time being. You will look slimmer in areas if the tan was sprayed correctly by the professional. And your body confidence will sky rocket off of the charts. The super beneficial moisturizing ingredients in particular formulas will feed your skin the nutrients it’s been craving and it can start the replenishing process. Plus that heavenly smell will have you feeling like you're at the beach for days. Hello my soothed soul, hello.

3. Year round color-

If You can achieve a perfect tan at any time of the year would you do it? Yes! You probably would. Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean you have to look like frosty. You can achieve a beautiful sun kissed glow year round and look like you’ve just returned from a sunny vacation in Florida instead of looking like you spent the holiday in the movie Frozen.

4. Safe Zone-

The ingredients in spray tanning formulas are non-toxic, and some are even organic. This means you can airbrush your flaws away without worrying about the terrible aftereffects, like a typical tanning bed or day in the sun would give you. No one should have to die of cancer just so they can feel pretty. 5. Sweet nothings- Just wait for it. Every single time someone has sprayed me, the compliments roll in. When your airbrush tan has the extra bronzers in it, the tonal color it gives is amazing. Picture the girl on the magazine cover who is lying on the beach with her glowing, illuminating skin and she looks like the Gods have been blowing her kisses all day. Ya know, like Beyoncé. That look comes from little DHA glow booster drops they add into your spray. Oh, and the smell... I could go on for days about its heavenly fragrance. One perk about having a spray tan are those lovely Venetian oils added in, that give you a beautiful color and beachy smell. Be prepared for everyone to say how you smell just like coconuts & love and they will want to know all of your secrets. Now go get your spray on....

Thanks for reading this weeks Ravishing Rambling. Remember to sparkle and shine people, sparkle and shine!

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner and Master Stylist of Scissors & Shears Salon LLC located in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.