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My 101 Life Lessons Learned

12/31/19 My 101 life lessons learned (originally published on 10/20/19)

I made a Facebook post on the eve of my birthday last week with my top 32 things I've learned. I was surprised by the amount of messages I was sent, telling me how they all thought it would make a good Ravishing Rambling and I should come up with more to add to the list. Well, it took me hours but I took their advice and I did it. Here is my 101 life lessons learned. I love topic suggestions by the way! So if you have any please send them to me on the contact page of this site and I might write about your idea next time!

My 101 Life Lessons Learned

1. A lady never tells her age. And when you do always tell them older so they say how young you look

2. Grandparents are ALWAYS right.

3. Being kind makes your heart super happy. TRY IT!

4. You can be mad but you cannot be mean.

5. If you can't be good, be careful.

6. Racism and bullying is something we need to work more on as a society- it's nasty and gross and I can't stand it anymore.

7. Cuss words are a necessity- some situations there are no other words for.

8. I'm a lot to handle and I'm totally ok with that. Take up space people! But with that being said you must always respect other peoples personal space. 

9. Getting out of the house is overrated if you have an amazon prime account.

10. My kids are truly my best friends and I don't know how I lived life with out them for so long.

11. The saying "you can't choose your family" is wrong. They must not have best friends.

12. Owning your own business is so hard! But BEING A MOM IS WAY HARDER

13. Makeup isn't a necessity but it makes me happy.

14. Wash your face and brush your teeth every night.

15. Find a good face cream- make it a ritual because aging is a choice.

16. Never go to bed in dirty clothes or reuse a towel.

17. Fabric softener and dryer sheets are required. So is a high end detergent.

18. I respond in my head a lot and need to work on that.

19. It's better to be overdressed for an event than underdressed.

20. Own your mistakes.

21. Never apologize for speaking your mind.

22. Bless your heart is NOT a term of endearment.

23. Always keep a get away bag packed in case you have to go Angelina Jolie on someone sometime and disappear like a spy.

24. Look someone in the eye while speaking to them.

25. Be proud of who you are and OWN it.

26. Never take someone else's idea. Ever.

27. Believe in something and stand up for it .

28. When you introduce your self for the first time always use your first & last name. It leaves an impression.

29. When speaking to a child get on their level, if you can, and make eye contact. 

30. The true meaning of pretty isn't what you look's about how you treat people.

31. Brownie batter makes everything better.

32. Wine tastes better from a wine glass. 

33. When ordering from a restaurant and you can't make a decision, remember, you can get both.

34. Cake for breakfast is always acceptable on your birthday.

35. You can never have to many favorite things. This especially goes for songs and movies.

36. Use the wipes the store provided to clean the shopping cart. Those things are nasty. Germs and Jesus are everywhere.

37. Always call before popping in on someone. It's rude to show up at someone's house unannounced.

38. When someone asks you how you are? Be honest. If you are tired, say it.

39. When someone tells you how they really feel, after asking them how they are, believe them. Don't look baffled that they didn't respond how you expected them to.

40. Always look for two ways out of ANY situation after first entering into it. Be that situation a restaurant or a relationship. Just in case.

41. Tell them the truth and they will never believe you.

42. You don't need anyone for anything ever. If they can do it, so can you!

43. If your heart or gut tells you something, listen to it the first time.

44. When making a decision that you can't decide on. Think of the choice you have to make. Whatever pops in your head first-do it. If it's an after thought, it's not the right choice.

45. Apologies are always acceptable if they are genuine. But never say "I'm sorry" if you don't mean it.

46. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to make someone like you. They just won't. That's ok.

47. All coffee tastes like coffee. There, I said it!

48. Having kids really does change you.

49. Learn how to do minor car maintenance. Change your flat, check your oil, replace the headlight. See #42 for reference.

50. No true Queen throughout history ever needed a King. Look it up.

51. Learning about the past only helps us build our futures. There is a reason we have memories.

52. When a kid tells you that the pen they are holding is a magic wand. It's a freaking magic wand. Go with it.

53. Bravery isn't putting your life in jeopardy to save someone else. That's a hero. Being brave is just being you. This world is scary.

54. Learn how to make authentic tacos. Not the mix some seasoning in with the meat kind.

55. When you loose your cool with your children. Say you're sorry and explain you're human. When your kid looses his cool with you, remember they are a human too. This one took me a while to learn.

56. The claw machine game has no age limits.

57. Your car can me messy but your house cannot be.

58. Make something for a pot luck instead of buying it. Or buy something and pretend you made it. Either way take a dish to the gathering. It's rude if you don't.

59. Always have a backup pair of shoes.

60. Wash your hands

61. Kiss your grandparents before you leave them. They earned it.

62. Credit card dept is impossible to pay off.

63. If you make a promise keep it.

64. If you call into work, have a legit excuse.

65. The people you work with are your "work family". Treat them as such.

66. All kids pick their nose.

67. Yard work is the Bain of any homeowners existence.

68. Change is an acceptable form of currency. Don't let anyone tell you different. Pay in pennies if you must.

69. Speaking of spends the same, even if it's not all facing the right direction.

70. Toilet paper has no right or wrong way of being installed on the roller as long as it's installed. Don't make me have to look for the tp.

71. Fresh picked apples are better than store bought.

72. Pineapple does not belong on pizza

73. Animals are a life form. Respect them, love them, save them and treat them as you want to  be treated.

74. Reality tv stars should never be president.

75. If someone is excited about an idea they are telling you about, be excited with them and for them. Don't put out the flame before it has the chance to burn.

76. A robe and slippers are a necessity after age 29 or after having kids which ever comes first.

77. A true cowboys or farmers boots are always dirty. Unless their at Church.

78. Everyone is good at something. Find your thing and make it perfect. 

79. Everything goes on sale eventually. Everything.

80. Small businesses are what drive a community. Support them, shop small and be engaged in where you live. Pride in the community you live in does your spirit good, I promise. 

81. Pull over for a funeral procession and pay your respects.

82. Change your sheets and wash your blankets on the regular. 

83. Pizza rolls are acceptable at any age. So are Capri suns.

84. Discrimination is a real thing. I've seen it with my own eyes. 

85. The Native American people are just that. Native! That means; "being in the place or environment in which a person was born or a thing came into being: one's native land. belonging to a person by birth or to a thing by nature." Point blank....they were here first.

86. If you can't say it to someone's face DO NOT type it out on social media. 

87. If someone tells you that you're being rude, you probably are.

88. "No offense" is used only when the person is about to offend you. 

89. TIP! Tip your server, tip your stylist, tip your barber, tip your bartender and do it well. They will take care of you for life because you are invested in theirs.

90. Do not expect children to do grown up things. 

91. Somewhere there is someone who looks just like you. Where are ya doppelgänger of mine?

92. Somewhere there is someone who wants to be you.

93. Kindness is contagious, so is hate.

94. Your check engine light was put there for a reason and auto zone runs free scans so you have no excuse to not have it checked. 

95. There are 4 versions of you. The one you remember from the past, the one everyone else remembers, the one everyone else sees and the person you are in your head right now.

96. Chinese food has the fastest delivery times ever. Pizza is the slowest.

97. Sweet tea makes your soul happy. Hot tea soothes it.

98. Lunch dates with friends are the best kind of dates.

99. I've had more fun watching Netflix, drinking wine, eating pizza alone than I ever did at the bar out with all my friends getting wasted.

100. Criminal minds is based on true events. Let that sink in.

101. Sometimes you just need your momma.

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner & Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO. 

Ravishing Rambling 12/15/19 "The Perfect Curls with Aluminum Foil." Photo credit- simplesite.

12/15/19 Perfect Curls with aluminum foil

I hate curling my hair. Hate it. Anyone who knows me or sees me regularly probably has figured out I don’t really like doing anything with my mane at all. I sent in a quote to a newspaper once, that did an article on me to caption the picture “I do your hair, not mine” (see funny, side-story below) because I forgot they would be running a spread and snapping pics that day. Talk about “looking the part”.

Like most women in 2019, I’m a busy lady. I have kids, three businesses, a multitude of community events and a full time life to manage. I do not have time to spend an hour and a half curling my hair every morning just so I can play the "hair girl" role. Especially when I have other humans to get ready and functioning for the day.

About 12 years ago, I had a convention for work in Minneapolis. I would be there for a solid week. I had packed all necessary hair tools, products and accessories to aid me in my morning rituals of getting ready. The first morning I woke up extra early to get ready. Did I mention that all of my meetings started at 6am? I was so tired, and by 9am my hair was flat.

This was no ordinary business conference. This was a Hair Stylists dream Hair Convention. There were notable hair stylists that worked on elite clientel, product endorsement company’s giving away gobs of stuff, CEO’s from places I only dreamed of working and celebrity’s there to showcase their Stylists work. It was a wonderful opportunity and one I am so thankful I got to be a part of. It opened doors for me I never knew were there, but that’s another story for another time.

After a luncheon on my second to last day there, I ran in to the keynote speaker's well-known celebrity guest. It was the first time I had ever met anyone famous on a personal level.

"Your hair looks pretty” she said to me

“Thanks, sorry, it’s uh, I was so tired! Did you know how early 6am is? I don’t do my hair...I do everyone else’s.” I said in my normal for me  awkwardness.  

"That’s funny. Geno, has a great foil trick for hair. It’s how he did my hair today, see? It’s so easy. Geno! Come here. What’s your name hun?” She said with a flick of her hands motioning towards us.

Best. Hair. Moment. Ever.

I learned a lot at that convention. I learned a lot from that conversation. I made lifelong friends, met some amazing people, gained fun story’s to tell and had so many opportunities presented to me be because of it.

But that little foil trick has to be my favorite thing I took away from that conference. Besides the knowledge of how not to be so awkward when around a famous person. 

Let’s get started!

All you need is aluminum foil cut into smaller squares, a flatiron, and a head of hair! I use about 10, 5x5in squares on a normal head of hair. 

Lets get started! 

1. Spray entire head of hair with a heat protectant spray.

2. Brush your hair free of tangles, take a section of hair and roll it with your fingers as close to your scalp as you can. The smaller the section the tighter the curls. The bigger the section, the looser the curls.

3. Wrap the foil around the hair and smash it down as best you can so your hair doesn’t fall out.

4. After all your hair is wrapped like a potato, take your flat iron (hottest setting) and clamp down on each foil pack for about 15 seconds.

5. Wait about 10 minutes for all of your hair to cool evenly.

6. When the last foil you clammped is cool to the touch, slide them all off. 

Hello you gorgeous curly headed goddess! How easy was that?

Brush with your fingers so the hair doesn't poof too bad. Spray with a shine spray for a glossy  effect and use a splash of hair spray for longetivity in the life of the curls. The best thing about this hair hack is that the curls stay a little longer than they would if you had curled it with  standard iron. So be prepared to be curly until your next wash.

Cool huh? 

As always, thanks for reading. Stay beautiful, stay humble and stay you. See you again next week!

By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

11/10/19 We're more than just the lady who cuts your hair. 

We're more than just the lady that cuts your hair

We are not just the lady that cuts your hair. 💇🏻 We worry about you like you are our grandparents, mother, brother, father, sister, and friend. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

You are family. ❤️

If we haven't seen you and your past your 6-8 week mark, you really DO cross our minds and we WORRY! 😬

We wonder if you're okay? Are you still in an emotionally bad place like we discussed on your last visit? Has your daughter had her baby yet? Was your Bora Bora vacation all you had been dreaming it would be? How did the new recipe turn out that we swapped? Did you get that job you desperately needed? Is your mom cancer free? 🤞🏻🙏🏻

We also have those racing thoughts in between now and your last visit. Did we say or do something to offend you? Did we give you a bad trim? Did we mess anything up? Are you finding someone new? 😕

This is a relationship. 😃

We see you like clock work. Weekly, Monthly and this relationship can last years at a time. You become a part of our routine and a friendly reminder we're doing something right. Think about it....we see you more than your own doctor does and sometimes more than we see our own family. 🤗

Occasionally we even wonder, if you are still alive? Really- unfortunately this is something we have to worry about in our line of work. And heaven forbid, we get a call from the funeral home asking us if we want to do your hair for your services, because you left it in your will that you preferred for us to do it? 😥

Yes, I've had that call come through. And you know what? I willingly, lovingly and broken heartedly went to do this for them one last time. 😭

We worry! 🤦🏼‍♀️

We cut ourselves for you, burn ourselves for you, get mad with you, get sad with you and be happy with you. You are a part of our world and we are yours. ✊️

When we see your name on our books we are happy! We also start to feel silly for worrying because after all your like family and family always sticks together and you wouldn't do anything drastic without consulting us first 😂.

We're not just the lady that cuts your hair. We are your friend and we love you. Appreciate your stylist and drop her a line occasionally if it's been a while. We need to know your still kicking! 💃🏼

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner & Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

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11/3/19 I'm tired of it. 

Ravishing Rambling "I'm Tired of it." 11/3/19 photo credit pixabay

I'm Tired of it.

I’m tired. Tired of trying to make everyone happy. So God forsaken tired. Tired of being blackmailed, slandered, threatened and extorted. I spend my life focusing on others. That was a decision I made all alone and will continue to make. I try to build others up before me and it is a very conscious choice. I want no one to think otherwise.

But...I want to let you in on a secret. I’m not tired because I took on too much or gave too much of myself. Im tired because too many people keep taking too much of me. And it’s been this way as long as I can remember. My whole job revolves around making people feel beautiful. Inside and out. I like to think I’m pretty decent at it. But sometimes, you get that one person who’s not happy no matter what you do. And that’s ok.

I’m in the service industry. You try your best to do everything they ask and it’s still not right. At least I’m not a doctor, right? I can’t imagine holding someone’s life in my hands. I wonder if they deal with this thing too? I spend most of my time explaining why I’m doing this or doing that and how I really do know what I’m doing, but it’s still not good enough for some. One hair is out of place and the world has ended.

I’ve learned throughout my research this week that, the beauty industry is one of the most scrutinized besides anything political. I’ve had death threats, my tires slashed, and a window busted because I wouldn’t give them their money back. Only to find out they cut their own damn bangs at home and didn’t want to actually have to pay to have them fixed. Yep, you read that right. I didn’t even service them. Since when has it been ok to do something to yourself and then demand compensation from a business you haven’t stepped foot in, ever?

IT IS NOT! But social media has made it ok to do so. And it also makes the us the bad guy, for some dammed reason. These are the people that exhaust my sprit. I’m trained to handle that side of my business. But that's not the part that tires me. It’s the people who we haven’t serviced or ever even met. Those random internet trolls that think they can tare people apart in just a few clicks. I’ve always wondered what drives those people and makes them so unhappy in their lives they want to rip others to shreds for no clear reason? 

The more visible you are as a person the more likely you are to be subject to hate crimes via the internet and in some cases, in person.

I’m all for saying what you want and being “yourself” on the good ole web. But I truly feel that our society has a problem understanding that when they are not on their devices, they still have to act like decent people. BULLYING IS BULLYING. Some can’t even stop to help someone in peril because they have to record it to see if it’s their one-way ticket to viral fame.

The sad part is, most of the time, the rest of the world watches and instead of saying “why didn’t you help?” They applaud them for getting there in time to record and then they share, share, share. I have watched reputable people be blackmailed, extorted and humiliated because someone is threatening them with social media. And guys, 90% of the info these cons have to share isn’t even true. But the thought of being slandered on FB or Insta is too much to bear for some and they give in to whatever demands.

Most of the time there is nothing the victim can do about it other than send in a few “reports” and pray to the heavens they don’t have a witch hunt on their hands.

So far in the last 10 days I have had, 3 random people from other countries try to extort money out of me. 2 grown women whom I’ve never met in my life, try to blackmail me with false reviews because they decided that they didn’t like a previous employee of mine’s profile. 1 person threaten to have me killed because I wouldn’t give in to her demands concerning a personal matter that my business had NOTHING to do with, 4 grown men message me and say that they will be “visiting” me soon because of that one woman. 1 man demand his money back because he didn’t "allow his wife" to get her hair done, a grown middle-aged couple trying to fish information out of me for another salon in the area that likes to steal our marketing ideas (STOP IT SALLY!) and a random break-in from a past employee to get our camera access codes.

IM SICK OF IT! So from now on I will no longer be tired. I will no longer entertain People or places that entertain this behavior.  This is still the real world people and there are consequences to every action. 

Wake up and start living your best life. Stop trying to take everyone else’s. And if you’re one of the unlucky ones that has suffered with the same afflictions as I have. I’m sorry this is happening to you and I want you to know you’re not alone. Don’t give in and don’t give up. That’s exactly what they want you to do.

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Master Stylist and owner of Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Ravishing Ramblings 10/6/19 Fall Hair Help- Picture Credit "We Heart It"

10/7/19 Fall Hair Help

It’s fall ya'll! My favorite time of the year! The leaves are changing, its pie season and you can breathe without suffocating to death when you step outside. It truly is the best.

One thing, most people, don’t take into consideration is how the changing seasons affect our bodies, scalp included. Hair is a part of us and it changes weather we want it to or not. Just like the seasons. Surprisingly, our manes are a lot like other organisms you can find in nature.

Some hair changes colors with age and or environmental factors, like a tree loosing its leaves. Some loose volume, density and porosity like a wilting flower and some love to soak up anything we put onto it like a sea sponge. Contrary to popular belief, Hair was not put on your head to keep me in business or to help you express yourself.

Its sole purpose is to regulate body temperature and keep us more protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun. So, with all the man-made changes in our natural environment you need to show your hair a little extra loving than you normally would have, oh let’s say, 200 years ago.

Here are my tips for healthy fall hair in 4 steps. Keep in mind that all of us are different so take one tip and use it or feel free to try all of them. The choice is yours. After all, you know your hair best.

1. Strip it off-

Summer has some enormous no-no’s that can leave your hair in some severe distress after the “pool is closed” sign goes up. A lot of unnatural build up happens during the brief summer months that a lot of people aren’t aware of. Chlorine, lake water, sunscreen, salt spray, sand and many other things we dip ourselves into can cause a heap of stress on your tresses. Give your scalp a much-needed detox with a good clarifying shampoo once week for 3 weeks to rid it of all the nasties. Using this product more than directed can cause over-drying so please use only as directed on the bottle or by your Stylist.

2. Bare is best-

have you switched to the natural side of haircare yet? Because if you haven’t I promise you are missing out. Natural or organic hair care products don’t strip your scalps natural oils like some products do. Because they don’t contain all the dyes, perfumes, solvents and other horrid chemicals that a synthetic product carries. Just because it’s high end doesn’t mean it’s good for you either. Be super careful when choosing a “natural” product from any grocery or box store. A lot of times these products are tampered with or are made in a different country whose natural standards aren’t as diligent as ours are. Check with your local salon first but be ready to spend just a little more money for the higher quality ingredients. Stylist tip- if you want that salon hair feel at home, use what we used on you in the chair. Products really do make all the difference in how your hair feels.

3. Smooth as a baby's bottom-

I cannot stress enough on the important impact a good conditioner will have on your hair. With all the terrible things we do to it regularly, like, using hot tools, hair coloring and coating it with chemicals, the least we can do for our over-processed scalp is give it a big ole drink. A sulfate or Paraben free conditioner is best (see #2 for clarification). Adding a deep conditioning mask to your regimen during these colder months is a great idea too. Look for one with the extra added conditioning oils like argon or jojoba to up your conditioning game. Or try our DIY homemade hair mask below. Just scroll down until you see it. 

4. Come to the dark side-

Spring & Summer hair is known for being a little on the lighter side. And why not when everything is fresh and a little brighter? Fall hair should be given the same opportunity to shine. As the weather changes and we have a shift in our sun patterns, you will notice your hair darkening naturally and drying out. This is because we spend less time outdoors where the suns UV rays can help keep our highlights looking fresh and with the humidity being lower our hair is a little more thirsty. Give your hair sometime to heal by going darker. Just a shade of two is sufficient to blend old highlights and give you a fresher look. The last thing you want to do to dry hair is put a lightener on it! Bleach on dry hair is like putting a torch to your head and expecting it not char into an overcooked mess. See your stylist for your perfect fall color. After all, they are the experts.

Thank you so much for reading! Remember, stay beautiful, stay you and love the life you live. Happy pumpkin spice season.

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner & Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC located in Excelsior Springs, MO.


8/25/19 Ready-Set-Scratch!

8/25/19 Ready-Set-Scratch picture credit: cdc

 Two words that invoke terror in most individuals, especially parents: Head Lice. I’ll be touching on the facts of this itchy subject so get ready to scratch.

 Head lice are nasty biting parasites that are found on on Human hair and are most common in school-age children. I can tell you that they are non-discriminatory and love all people. They arent gender specific, they dont care about the length or color of the hair and it seems that they prefer children but that's not the case. I‘ve also had the "not so" great pleasure of seeing these little nasties on adults, that don't even have kids. So, as you can tell, they aren't picky creatures. 

The word lice is plural for the word louse. They spread by personal contact, sharing brushes, combs, pillows, hats, clothing or ANYTHING else that can come into contact with a head that has lice. Including carpets, car seats, stuffed animals, etc. Sometimes they can cause a tickling feeling instead of an itch. But it most instances it’s the itch that makes their existence known. 

In severe conditions they can cause sores on the head of the infected person. If you or anybody in your home becomes infected, all people within the home and household must be treated or they will come back with a vengeance. And each time they do come back it's typically worse than before and they are resistant to whatever treatments you used prior to try and rid your home of them. 

A louse is the live bug, the nit is the egg. They are about the size of a grain of rice and hard to spot unless the infected person has many of them. They can’t jump, they cannot thrive for long off of the host, and they prefer clean scalps so it’s not a “dirty person” problem. You can’t give them to the dog and shaving your head won’t help if you have them in the home. But here is what you can do to try and prevent them. 

Check yourself and kiddos often, especially, if they are around other children. Never ever share personal items, try on scarfs, hats or anything that can be placed on or near the head, before you wash and dry the item under high heat. Do not for the love of all that is Holy put those big character heads on at Wally World and run around pretending to be a unicorn. You never know who tried it on before you.

If you go into a Salon and they notice that there are nits or lice on the head they will ask you to leave instantly. Even if you have 1/2 a haircut. It’s nothing personal, but we can‘t take the chance of infecting anyone else. We have no choice but to send you out of the door as soon as possible. It's not because we think your icky or that you might contaminate us. It is a state board regulation and it keeps our public healthy. Salons have to follow similar protocol as hospitals or tattoo parlors when dealing with the public to avoid outbreaks or the spreading of diseases. There is a lot more that goes into this industry than most know.

Most salon professionals are just that...professional so they will give you the news as discreetly as possible and tell you what they think they have seen or how to help treat it. They will not be able to provide you with a definite "this is what we know you have" you will have to go see a doctor for that. So keep in mind whatever they tell you is a recommendation not diagnosis and they are following the rules that the state has outlined for them.

Eliminating the pesky creatures isn’t easy and can take a few trips to your local drug store for the products designed to kill them, a doctors visit, or hiring a professional company that specializes in the expulsion of the bug. 
 Remember you can’t remove them by washing or combing the hair. You have to rid them from the person and environment, completely. They don't disappear or decide to leave on their own.

For more information on this topic please visit the CDC’s website.

I hope you have learned some valuable information from this article and that I have slimmed down your chances of receiving this not so pleasant present. 
 Remain beautiful, stay you and may you and your family be lice free! 

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO. 


*This article was first published on 10/25/19 and then revamped, refreshed and updated on 8/24/19 by Kalyn Weller Goode. 

"6/30/19 The challenge" photo credit simplesite

6/30/19 The challenge is to be your self in a world that's trying to make you like everyone else.

I made a post on Facebook about 2 weeks ago explaining how I have had some life refreshers on a terrible day. Old lessons learned with a new twist that were generally needed in my life at that specific moment.

The post was:

I had a shitty day. Really shitty. But a ton of lessons learned and some refreshers.

1. You can’t change other people’s minds you can only speak your truth.

2. When speaking your truth is hard af you do it anyways.

3. The old saying of you find out who your friends are is 100% accurate.

4. Never let anyone dull your sparkle or steal your shine because you are perfect just the way you are.

I tell my kids' lessons 1-4 all the time. Now it’s my turn to heed my own advice. #DontBelieveMeJustWatch

I didn’t realize how that one post would get so much attention. I had messages, emails, calls, texts and visits from people all checking on me. And to you kind souls, I am sending my special thanks. I’m just fine :).

The response I had behind the scenes put a new perspective on things for me.

I’ll give you a vague backstory on why my day that day was such shit. About 9 months ago I had a pretty traumatic thing happen to me. A thing I am not ready to talk about fully, yet. And honestly, I don’t know if I ever will be able too. Not because it was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s up there on my list and don’t get me wrong, it was horrible, scary and awful and could have been so much worse. But because it triggered and continues to trigger so many of my other bad experience, that were way worse and have been in hiding, pushed down deep.

I have my faults. I’m loud, I talk a lot, I ramble, I can be a little flighty, I overextend myself and I’m always a hundred miles a minute. But I like to think all of my faults are counterbalanced by some of my good. One thing I’ve never faulted on is how much love I pour into anything I do. Friends, family or business.

After my 8 hour day was over that day. I took my 2 1/2 hour drive home to reflect on what I had learned. And boy was I upset. I realized some things on that long drive and today I feel like diving into that a little more. So let me explain my lessons learned a little better.

Hopefully, they can help you too.

1. You can’t change other people’s minds you can only speak your truth.

Say it louder and slower for the people in the back that can’t hear you! YOU. CAN’T. CHANGE. OTHER. PEOPLES. MINDS. YOU. CAN. ONLY. SPEAK. YOUR. TRUTH. I learned this in a management workbook back in 2008 while training for a new position with a company I worked for. It has been one of the most valuable pieces of advice. No matter what you say or do others will always have an opinion of you. You cannot change that opinion no matter how hard you try. The best thing you can do is speak your truth and accept what they believe to be true is true to them. Not to you. It doesn’t make you or your truths any less valuable and it doesn’t make them any smarter.

2. When speaking your truth is hard af you do it anyway.

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner”. Best movie quote ever. Remember that scene. Johnny has been labeled by Baby’s parents as a: no good, dirty boy, who got one of his friends knocked up and then tried to take advantage of their over privileged baby? What I learned from that movie at the tender age of 7 is that when you believe in something you go for it. Johnny’s truth was that he loved Baby, wanted out of that hellhole resort, was a damn good friend, partner, dancer and knew that if he didn’t speak his truth Baby would always be in that corner and he would always be labeled. It was hard, but he did it anyway. And I’m the end, he got the girl and the parents' support. Be a Johnny.

3. The old saying of you find out who your friends are is 100% accurate.

Boy, did this one hit me where it hurts. When you are in the public a little more than normal some people that are around you in similar positions change. People who you consider friends may truly not have your best interests at heart. It becomes almost impossible to know who truly respects and loves you as versus who just wants something from you. Everything you do is scrutinized and looked at under a microscope and all relationships become mostly about business. You start sifting through the whispers of: “Did she do it for the publicity.” “She deserved that”. “Maybe it was her fault”. “Oh, I heard this about her...” It sucks, and what really hurts is hearing it come from people that you thought you could trust and depend on. People that you thought genuinely believed in you and had your back. People that you still have to smile and wave too, even if you know they would run you over in 5 minutes, if it meant getting rid of you for good. But why? What good does it actually do for them? So here’s my advice for the fake friends...If you can’t be a genuine person and friend to someone, just stop! It’s embarrassing to them and you.

4. Never let anyone dull your sparkle or steal your shine because you are perfect just the way you are.

I saved the best one for last. Everyone is unique. And thank the Good Lord for that one. How boring we would be if we were all the same. A sparkle and a shine is something that you’re born with. It’s a wildness engraved in each of our souls. Some people have it more than others and some have to try hard to find it. Unfortunately, it’s easily broken and really hard to get back. Whatever makes you the best version of yourself and the happiest is your sparkle and shine. Don’t let someone’s words or actions take that from you. Don’t let the world steal that brightness. I can promise you that this is the only life you will ever have and if you spend the whole time dulling yourself down so others can rise you are doing it all wrong and wasting your time. Shine bright, do you and be unique. Embrace the good qualities you have and work on the bad ones. Don’t look back in 10 years realizing you were stuck in that corner with no Johnny to save you.

Be the person who doesn’t need saving. Be the person who shines so bright it blinds the world.

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC located in Excelsior Springs, MO.


6/16/19 Ravishing Ramblings DIY Sandalwood Shave Butter, photo image credit Marlo beauty

6/16/19 DIY Sandalwood Shave Butter

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of your store-bought shaving cream? Most likely you have no idea what all of those ten syllable words are unless your a Scientist. Weather you can decipher them or you can't, I can tell you that they aren't anything you would really want to put on your skin after a little research.

It's bad. Like, super bad! formaldehyde, waxes, peroxide, bleaches, the list is endles sand scary. Please keep in mind that your skin is the largest organ on your body. It loves to absorb anything and everything you put on it. Even the "healthy" creams I researched weren't so healthy after some digging.

There are more recipes on the good ole web for shaving cream than I thought there would be. I've spent the last week of my life, playing the mad Scientist so I could give you the best of the best all natural DIY shave butter. Since this one is for the guys, and since most men I've met aren't the DIY type. Here are some of my strong reasons for making your own shaving cream.

Kalyn's strong reasons for making your own Shaving Cream:

* It will leave your skin soft and smooth!

* It gives a closer shave than Soap.

* You can say Bye bye to the chemicals you can't say, that will most likely lead you to an early grave.

* It smells like love

* It's easy

* It takes 10 minutes to make and lasts up to a month and a half.


DIY Sandalwood Shave Butter


* 1/2 cup coco butter (melted)

* 1/4 cup almond oil

* 1/4 cup castile Soap

* 1/4 cup honey

* 1/4 cups warm water

* 15 drops Sandalwood oil

* 16 oz foaming soap dispenser  Directions:

* In a glass measuring cup, melt the coco butter. About 1 minute in the microwave.

* Add almond oil, honey and Castile Soap.

* Pour into 16 oz foam container and add the water to fill.

* Shake to combine well.

* Use whenever you want a silky smooth shave!


Happy Fathers Day guys! 

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs MO.

Ravishing Ramblings 6/9/19 Easy Tuck & Twist Tutorial photo credit simple site

6/9/19 Easy Tuck & Twist Tutorial



I'm all about convenience and quick hair styles. I spend all day doing other peoples hair, I don't want to spend days doing my own.

Especially if it cuts into my kid free time before the littles wake up. I need my hour of peace to sip my morning coffee, check on my business and get my day rolling. I absolutely do not want to spend that entire hour, I seldom get, trying to do my hair.

One style that I typically get a ton of compliments on is the tuck and twist. It works well with almost any outfit I choose to wear and any event I need to go to. Plus, it's super easy to do and typically takes me about 10 minutes from start to finish.

Let's get started.

You will need:


A Brush

A few Bobby pins

An elasticized around headband (it won't work with one that is cut off behind the ears)

Curling iron or flat iron for finishing touches.

How to get the look:

1. Place your continuous elasticized headband over the top of your hair.

 2. Gather your hair into a pony tail below the headband at the base of your skull. (The part of hair that is sticking out from the bottom part of the headband.)

3. Twist your pony tail loosely and tuck it in over top of the headband until al the hair is tucked in and no pieces are hanging out. Note- if you have long hair you can wrap it around the headband or simply tuck it in. For shorter hair just tuck the ends into the band and secure with the bobby pins and hairspray.

4. Roll your hair into the headband, tucking it in tight! The tighter near your face, looser in the back. The looser in the back the looser it will be over all, so tuck it to where you feel comfortable.

5. Pull out some face framing pieces. Curl or flat iron these to pull your look together.

6. Secure with pins where you feel the headband may slip.

7. Lock in your style by lightly spraying with a professional grade hairspray.

That's it!

You can pull your look together by matching the band to your outfit, adding some cute hair clips to the band, or even just tucking the top portion of hair in and leaving the bottom portion out to change up the look a bit. Make it your own, play around with it and you will be surprised at how versatile and easy this hair style is!

By Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner and Master Stylist of Scissors & Shears Salon LLC located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Photo credit simple site chignon hair

5/12/19 Mom'in is hard! Picture credit- simplesite

5/12/19 Mom'in is hard! 

I woke up today tired. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. I have a million and one things on my plate and not enough to go around. Sound familiar?

Sometimes we loose ourselves in the chaos that we have created. My kids are still in their the little stages. Dropping food and lord knows what else all over my house like little mice. Saying "he hit me" or "she took my motorcycle".

I've got a lot of mom'in left to do. I spend my days waking up tired, making breakfasts, lunches, dropping kids off and picking kids up at school, going to business events and anything else I've signed myself up for that week. Answering a million phone calls, emails and website inquires for the Salon. Dealing with employee issues and people with no money who want a service but can't pay and all the other things that come with the life path I've choosen.

I'll be transparent with you all, and let you know that I probably spend 25% of my day hiding, silently crying in a bathroom because I'm overwhelmed and way under paid. But then I remember: I'm a wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister and boss.

Let me restate do you something that I said about two paragraphs ago. "Sometimes we loose ourselves in the chaos that we have created."

Today is Mother's Day. We spend 364 days a year as "mom's" and we celebrate it on one day out of the whole year. Why? We're mothers every day not just one. The answer to that question. It's by choice. Yesterday was a typical weekend day for me.

We all got up, I cleaned the house for the thousandth time. The kids fought and made up a dozen times in the 2 hours they had been awake. I had sent and received at least 20 emails, rescheduled 10 people for services, dealt with 2 employee issues and finally everyone was ready to do something as a family on our one day we are all together. One child wanted to go to Mc.Donald's and one wanted to color in their room all day. Definitely not go anywhere with Mom and Dad.

Have you ever tried to take 2 kids under the age of 7 somewhere, neither wants to go? It's like asking two cheetahs not to eat the rabbit that you placed on top of your head. It's awful. Imagine the outcome of that situation and you will get the picture of my day.

We ended up leaving the house for about an hour that day. At the store: one parent ended up in the car with one kid, because they were throwing such a screaming fit, over pushing the shopping cart, that the owners of the store thought you we were murdering them in public. And the other one of us had to stay in the store with our other kid because they were actually on their best behavior and did nothing wrong and you can't punish the one who's being good. By the time all of were in the car, the day was ruined and we all were done. No one was happy, each went our separate ways when we got home and a few hours later we were all back to normal.

That's my typical Saturday. There are maybe, 5 minutes of quiet time our house gets in between the kids crashing and the adults passing out from exhaustion. My Husband and I took a moment to discuss the days events.

"I'm so tired and overwhelmed and tired! Why can't we ever go anywhere as a family? Why can't everyone just be nice and quiet and have fun?! Why does it always have to be such a hassle and traumatic for someone? All I ever do is run around like a chicken with my head cut off, cleaning, cooking, answering, saying do this or do that. Not to mention the business, employees, finances, the car breaking, me forgetting the dog had a vets appointment and that we were out of milk I could keep going! Ahhhhhh"

Let me give you a little perspective about my husband. He is quiet, reserved, and there every day for his kids and me. He never complains (unless it's about food lol) he goes to work and comes home. He loves fishing, hunting and his parents. He never says a word about all of my crazy and everything it entails...and there is so much of it. He just goes with the flow.

He shook his head and said in response to my meltdown: "You created this. You wanted all of this. And now there's no time for you. We go-go all week long and you expect everyone to dial it down and be present during the few days we have together as a family. You haven't been just Kalyn in forever. You're salon owner, mother, blogger, school board member, that one lady who's in the newspaper and on tv. You aren't just Kalyn or Mom anymore. You need to figure out how to get back the balance so, I've been thinking about what to do for you for Mother's Day and the only gift I can think of is giving you time to your self. Just to be Kalyn. Go do whatever you want and I'll do the rest. The kids miss you. I miss you. Get back to being you please"

Mic Drop. HE WAS RIGHT. (He will use this written statement against me one day lol).

I created this chaos and I've been wondering how to fix it with the answer in front of me the entire time. Why do we make it seem like we have to do everything ourselves all the time?

I preach on here constantly about doing things for yourself and believing you're the best ever on the inside. About being confident in the fact that you have this all under control. I realized in that moment that I stopped practicing what I was preaching. I stopped doing things for me because I was trying to do it for everyone else. I was always trying to make my family happy, employees happy, patrons happy & public happy. And not utilizing the best advice I've given to others.

In this process I've made myself miserable and everyone around me I love so much miserable. I've let all aspects of my life bleed together with out giving them the proper space each needed to prosper freely. My children deserve to have their mother fully. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to take the day today and get back to me. I'm going to come home from now on and turn it down, not off because it's impossible for me, just down. Im going to find separation and balance, even if it kills me. I'm going to do a little more saying no to others so I can say yes to my family more. I'm going to get back to being the person I was a year ago.

It's a choice. It's not something you can expect to happen on it's own. You have to work at it, plan it, do it and try. Nothing is ever free or easy- especially being a Mother or a Woman. Happy Mother's Day. It's a hard job and God picked you to do it. They truly are the most precious gift you will ever be given so please enjoy them. Don't waste any more minutes on things that aren't going to matter in the long run.

The only thing your kids really care about is if your happy and that you love them. So give them the best gift and be authentically you. Go love on your babies and yourself today. You deserve it!

By: Kalyn Weller Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC located in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

I tried Proactive and I kind of love it! Picture credit proactive results.

5/5/19 I tried Proactive and I kind of love it!

I'I tried Proactive and I kind of love it.   I’ve never really had to struggle with acne like some people do. I was blessed with some pretty good skin ( THANK YOU GRANDMA). Or at least I thought it was pretty good. That was until I had kids.

Once I had my first child my skin never really felt the same. It had dry patches, bumpy patches and looked pretty terrible, to me. Not necessarily everyone else but to me it was awful.   When I had my last child, my skin seemed to take a turn for the worst. My “some” turned into “lots”. Multiple dry patches, bumps, dark spots and dare I say...zits!  

I can tell you from my experience it’s something that you stress on weather others really do notice or not. It’s embarrassing & disheartening to feel so uncomfortable in your own skin just because it’s not smooth. You wonder if every Sally you meet is thinking of ways to mention her favorite skin care products or maybe she is even thinking of getting ahold of you and popping to her hearts content. Either way it’s no Bueno.

I’ve spent so many years flipping through channels watching this infomercial pop on. Debating on whether or not it really worked or if I should order. One late night after staring in the mirror, wiping off my caked on makeup for the day I had to use, to cover my lumpy skin I realized I needed to make a change. How could I expect it to disappear if I wasn’t trying some sort of system that could potentially get rid of it. Life isn’t magic and I of all people should know this by now.  

So I did it. I called the number and ordered it. It cost me $19.95 to be exact. I made sure to get the trial deal, free shipping and free returns just in case.  2 days later,it arrived.   My first thought when I unwrapped my package was that these are the smallest bottles of product I’ve ever seen. How could these possibly last me 30 days! I’ve been hustled.   Not the case, I promise.  

A few things I first noticed about the products after opening them and being a little disappointed, was the smell. These products have the freshest sent. Clean, cool and refreshing. I expected chemically, harsh medicated fragrances, but I was pleasantly surprised.  

The system I ordered comes in 3 parts. 

Product 1 is a cleanser. Upon measuring out a very small drop of the cleanser for fear that I was going to use all in the first session. I realized that it is a lot thicker than it appears in the bottle. I added a little of water to the cleanser and it worked beautifully to spread evenly across my face. It’s a very coarse mixture, you can feel every little particle scrubbing all the dirt from your face and it’s the best feeling ever!  

Product 2 is a revitalizing toner. It’s main purpose is to even out the texture of your skin. Some toners I’ve tried in the past, typically burned or made my situation worse but not this one. When I applied the 3 small drops of product to my face it didn’t go at all as I expected. It rubbed in effortlessly like I had splashed my face with water and it dried almost immediately with no sticky film whatsoever.   

Product 3 is a medicated moisturizer. It’s basically like using step one without the exfoliating beads. It glides on like butter and dries almost instantly. One to two drops is enough to cover my entire face and neck. I noticed no sticky, oily or weird residues and my face seems to love it so much.  

It’s going on week 4 of my testing out this system. My skin is completely clear. All of my patchy, dry, uneven skin is gone. My acne is completely cleared up. My face feels extremely moisturized. I have had more complements on my makeup since it’s not hiding everything these days and I still have at least half of the products left. I will never go back to any previous regimen I’ve tried. This is the one. The price point is by far cheaper than any other 3 part system on the market and it works.  

Just in case everyone thinks I'm a spokesperson here is my disclaimer: Proactive has not sponsored this article in any way and the do not pay me to promote their brand whatsoever. If you're really scared about the ordering it and getting stuck in some lengthy monthly bill you can always order it from Amazon (they don't pay me either) and not have the commitment.

This was a completely personal choice and one I do not regret making. If you are struggling with some difficult skin give it a try. Hopefully you love it as much as I do.

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

3/24/19 Rose Petal Softening Hair & Skin Mist

Please tell me I'm not the only woman in the world who imagines her self in the middle of a 1995, Herbal Essences commercial every time she mists her self with anything that smells like the Gods may have dropped some down from Heaven. Isn't it a given, that anytime or anyone uses a misting spray: they feel a little bit more Goddess like?

Even the word sounds magical. Mist, Misting, Misty etc. Just gorgeous! This particular DIY misting spray is the holy grail of all DIY hair/facial mists. It will perfectly compliment your imaginary mist frolicking, I promise.

The rose water leaves you smelling like you slept in a petal covered bed in French countryside. Plus, it's super easy to make. Not to mention it is packed full of so many wonderful skin and hair goodies, it's sure to leave you impressed. I love it, which means you should love it too. Let's get ready to DIY!

Here it is:


2 cups rose water 

1-2 tablespoons vodka
 (Yep, thats right. Vodka. It keeps the mixture fresh, helps kill any bacteria and the boozy smell evaporates, so you won't smell like you have been day drinking, I promise.)   

1/3 cups fresh diced fragrant rose petals

3 tablespoons of vitamin E oil or jojoba oil

1qt glass jar

Spray bottle



1. Place petals, rose water, vodka & oil and rose petals in a spray bottle or a clean 1qt glass jar.

2. Shake shake shake. Shake shake shake. Shake your mixture. Shake your mixture!

3. Let sit for an hour in the fridge

4. Remove from fridge

5. Strain out the rose petals and pour the concoction into the spray bottle.


How to use:

Use the mist as a spritz to give your hair and skin a little extra moisture pick me up. Lightly I might add. Too much of something isn't ever a good thing. So use sparingly. Its all natural properties are amazing for you and it does all kinds of fun things to your person! It tames fly-aways, feels silly, adds shine and smoothness. It also works great for detangling! Plus it smells so delicious. This mixture keeps for up to two weeks in the fridge so don't forget to write the expiration date on the bottle and throw it away when it's time.

Thanks so much for reading! Stay beautiful, stay lovely and stay you!

By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

2/24/19 The Perfect Messy Bun Tutorial

This momma couldn't survive a normal day with out a messy bun. Late nights happen a lot for me but so do early mornings. This hairstyle has always been one of my favorite go-to's. It's perfect for the single girl going out on the town or the new mom down the street. Plus, it looks pretty cute no matter how you do it and the messier the better! I think its one that every woman needs in her hairstyle arsenal kit. Get ready to get messy baby doll, because this perfect bun is in your future.  


What you will need:

* Hair tie (2 for thick hair)

* Bobby Pins (5)

* Brush or comb for teasing

* Firm Hold Hairspray


What to do:

1. Lightly spray the hairspray all over your hair. Tease the front section of your hair around your face (bangs and baby hairs people!)

2. Smooth it out with your fingers. You don't want it to polished but also not to bumpy.

3. Pull hair into a ponytail on top of your head at the level that you'd like the bun to sit.

4. Tease the hair in the ponytail from the ends to the roots.

5. Take ponytail firmly in your hand and twist the hair towards you; the tighter the twist, the neater the bun, so have a light hand for a big, messy bun!

 6. Wrap the ponytail around the base where your hair tie is.

7. Bobby pin through around where you want the pieces to really hold. If your hair isn't long enough to tuck all the way in use a few more bobby pins to secure everything.

8. Pull out pieces around your face carefully so you don't ruin the integrity of the bun.

9. Finish wrapping around and tuck the ends into your hair tie.

10. Spray again lightly for hold.


The best messes are usually the ones you dont have to clean up after. Thanks so much for reading! 


By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Why type of Highlights will you choose? Use this picture as a reference point when communicating with your stylist what look you are wanting to achieve.

2/17/19 Highlights 101-Everything you need to know

Highlights! There are so many options to consider with this fun hair trend. Everyone says they want them, but do they really know what they are? Do you know what will look best on you? What kind do you ask for? How do you maintain them at home? No matter which kind of highlights or the color you choose, they will add dimension and movement back to any darker base hair color. The maintenance on them is low, especially when considering the other coloring options out there. Which means fewer salon visits and money spent! Woo hoo!


Class is now in session, Highlights 101 here we come!


Can I do it myself?

We all know there is no shortage of do it yourself, hair color in a box, at any local drugstore you can meander into. Girl Scout’s honor, this isn’t something you need to be doing at home in your bathroom. Anyone can watch a YouTube video and think they are a specialist until their hair is falling out in chuncks. Please stick to the professionals! 


Why is going to the Salon better than buying the kit at the grocery store or online?

Professional Stylists can tweak the application to best enhance your hair. Not to mention that they are trained with keeping the integrity of your hair where it needs to be. Because any highlights involve lightening/bleaching the hair, there is always some damage. Save yourself the heartbreak and stick with the pros. You don’t want to be one people, being consoled in the salon because you overprocessed your hair and it all literally melted off of your head. Professional Cosmetologists are not only trained with how to use the color correctly but they are trained to minimize damage and keep the health of your tresses.


How do I pick what I want? What will look good on me? 

In any salon setting, open communication with your hair professional is a must! Most salons have a consultation feature in their list of services. Take advantage of this! It’s basically a free appointment where you can discuss all thing’s hair, tailored to your specific hair needs. This is the most important appointment before any coloring service, or you’re basically just winging it. During this appointment, bring in photos of hair color you like and some that you don’t.Take a look at the photo above and below to see some common highlight color choices and highlighting techniques. You can use it as a guide when talking to your stylist about what color you are looking for. Your idea of honey may be totally different from theirs. Tell your stylist how often you want to come in to maintain your highlights, what you have used on your hair in the last year, and if you are on any medications. This info is so important to tell your Stylist. Some lighteners cannot be mixed with boxed dyes, medications or hair products.  One bit of withheld info can be the difference between you leaving looking like Marilyn Monroe or you looking like a Thanksgiving turkey. 


How do I take care of my highlights?

Anytime you lighten hair it dries it out and makes it brittle. Using the right products at home is so important to your Highlight maintenance. Healthy hair holds color the best. I recommend that anyone, who has had a highlight service, use a heavy deep professional color safe conditioner. It is imperative that you replace any moisture that was lost during the coloring process. A daily leave in treatment is also a must. If you need help picking, head to your local salon for some retail chat therapy.


Is there anything special I need to get or know to keep my highlights looking salon fresh? 

To the point of maintaining your color, Keep in mind that blonde hair is especially susceptible to yellowing. Particularly those with ash blonde highlights. The cooler your highlight color is the bigger chance it has of turning yellow. To win that hair battle you must be armed with the most important product for blonde hair maintenance, besides a good deep conditioner. A purple shampoo! A Color Depositing Purple Shampoo, is a violet shampoo, and that counteracts unwanted yellowing to keep your blonde highlights cool, beautiful and most importantly- not brassy. Use it once a week for the first few weeks post-highlights, gradually increasing the usage to twice a week. If you are a smoker, I would use it every other day. Nicotine will yellow your hair quickly.



Now that you are a skilled expert in highlights, embark on your next hair color adventure and go get some! 

“Don’t they always say blondes have more fun?”



 By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Highlight color guide-use this as a reference when discussing color options with your stylist. Remember your idea of honey could be different than mine.

2/10/19 STOP IT SALLY!

About a month ago, there was this amazing post floating around the web about a Salon doing some awesome things for the children in their community. It was a spectacular idea. One, I wished I had come up with myself.


Now, I could have just used it, put my spin on it and called it my own. But where is the integrity in that? I didn’t come up with the idea; it wasn’t mine to profit from but I liked it! I knew it would be a hit. It was my kind of idea. It was a promotion that benefited others, kids at that!


So I reached out. It took awhile to track them down and finally speak to someone but I did it. I told them about my business, my plan, my spin and then I asked them If I could use their idea I had seen. I didn’t want to do anything without their permission first and if they were weary about it I would put the halt on it.


He laughed, “Just because you called and asked us. Yes, we will support you. Thank you for being a good human.”


Easiest, thing ever! Even if he would have said no. Asking first was the right thing to do.


Business is a tricky game. If you aren’t familiar with how utilizing the wrong person’s ideas (even if it’s so awesome) is a big NO-NO then trouble will surely follow. It’s like when you were in high school and your best friend just broke up with that boiling hot guy and you may or may not have liked him just a little. And he shows an interest in you. There is that one unspoken rule you must follow if you want to have any social life left. Leave the friend's ex alone! It’s the same way in business.


If someone else is doing good, praise them but, DO YOU. If you haven’t had someone take one of your well though out brilliant ideas you will not understand what I am talking about. But if you have, I feel your pain & I hear you! Maybe my story will help you feel less alone.


Let’s rewind Kalyn’s life back 2 years. Without making this the longest story in the history of blogging, I’ll keep it short and to the point. Scissors & Shears Salon was my first born business. It’s where my heart is. I dreamed about this business. It has been the biggest headache and the biggest heart filler ever. I took a while to understand what the people wanted out of a hair salon.


By this point in my business I was at a standstill so, I started buying out the competitors. I would take their failing business combine it with mine and be the new salon guru. Boy was I wrong. Looking back now I see that the big guy upstairs had a plan for me, I needed to be humbled. And by golly did he have the group of women waiting to do so. The names in this story have been changed and certain details left out because of privacy reasons.


After buying the biggest waste of money, time and resources I could (not realizing that at the time of the sale) I noticed that I had made a huge mistake. Sally, the old owner of the newly purchased salon, didn’t want to sell her business. She wanted me to fund her bad debt choices and let her continue to play her role of “owner”. She conspired against me with 4 other staff members and went to a new establishment where they all reside today.


One she could run without paying the bills. Broken hearted, discontent and severely depressed that I now owned a Salon that was miserably failing, dirty, with no employees, and I really didn’t even want it to begin with. I did the unthinkable in the business world. I shut it down, moved S&S (because it was all mine and no one else’s) re-branded & revamped. Little did I know that this chain of events would set a fire under the rear end of the ladies at the “other establishment”.


Once Sally realized that I didn’t want her business she saw as the golden egg of all Salons, she was out to get me. Fake bad reviews, fake booked appointments, constant calls from people we never serviced, harassing texts from her family, friends and coworkers. I could handle all of that.


What I couldn’t handle was the stealing of my ideas. When I was a kid, my mother would tell me “take what’s yours, leave what isn’t.” That's always stuck with me. I could write a 300 page book on all of her sayings. Maybe I'll do a blog on them sometime. 


"Take what’s yours, leave what isn’t." 


I guess I always thought everyone had this ingrained into them. Boy was I wrong. This lady had obviously never been taught proper manners. Every single idea, and I mean every single one. Well, that’s an exaggeration. They won’t steal what they aren’t licensed to do. But the majority of them they use.


People that know me and have to deal with me on the daily always tell me..."you must be doing something right", “they are just jealous” “they will get tired and stop eventually”. Maybe they are right but I have a strong feeling they aren't. Why would they stop if they can ride my coat tails? Why would they stop when it’s working for them? Why would they stop when I can’t do anything about it without looking like a fool?


Then something amazing happened. People noticed!




I wasn’t crazy! They could see it too! Id put out a giveaway (they'd steal, of course!) and someone would call.


I’d do a class, someone would call.

$5 military cuts- they called!

New blog- they messaged!

New special- they emailed!

Donating to the kiddos- they called!

Breast cancer awareness, back to school Specials, national day giveaway’s, feathers, colored extensions- THEY CALLED. 


Finally, people could see them for the foolish thieves they were being.  Their clients even started coming in my salon to see if I was really as bad as the ladies said. Every time someone would tell me the horrible, nasty, untrue things they would say I would just nod my head and smile, dying a little inside each time while trying my best not to "stoop" to Sally's level. 


Then when other Business Owners and Community Members would see me at events or around town they would laugh with me about it. People were noticing. And they were finding it comical. What else would they take? What else would they steal! It used to bug the hell out of me.


So much that I would be depressed for days. Now, I laugh. Sometimes if it was something I was really passionate about that they took, my heart gets heavy and tears well up. But then I remember I’m doing something right. They are doing it wrong. They are being thieves, unethical and mean. If they would have asked me, most likely I would have given them the permission.


Just because people say business is “cut throat” doesn’t mean it has to be. It takes zero effort to be a decent human being, and in personal experience, it takes a lot more effort to be an asshole. So, if someone is doing something similar to you, like what was done to me. Know it will get better, others will notice, you are amazing and they probably won’t stop if it’s working for them.

Just stay true to you and keep on doing what you’re doing.


And yes Sally, I noticed. Yes, I also know you won’t stop. Yes, I’m ok with it. No, you still don’t have my permission. Ask for it and maybe. And if you were wondering if you’re “Sally”. Then you probably are and shame on you!


By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

2/3/19 Hairbrush Help

One matter that is certain to stress me out, on any shopping trip is too many choices or a lack thereof. Especially when I am in pursuit of one item that I need and I’m already stressed because I don’t know which one to go with. That “I’m overwhelmed and over it” feeling sets in and I get so confused on what I actually came in the store to buy.


Just about every person in the world owns a hairbrush. But how did they choose the right one? Did they grab the first one they saw? Was it because it looked better than the others? Was price a factor? The beauty industry is one of the biggest product industry’s in the world besides pharmaceuticals.


In order to enhance one’s personal appearance, you must have the correct tools for the job. Most people tend to put a lot of effort into their hair with one sought after hair product...The Hairbrush. There are multiple brushes on the market that are used to do one thing, brush your hair. But then add in a brush for every style and need and the options become almost endless. Picking the right brush for your style, hair type, texture, length and porosity can be challenging.


Do you go with the standard brush, a round brush a pic? This question really shouldn’t be as hard as it is. Take a look below at my hair-type list below to see if I can help make your problem less stressful. Here is a rundown of a few common hair types and corresponding brush selections to help make your selection easier.


1. Stick Straight hair & Dry Hair.

A small, natural bristle brush is best. It mimics teasing and combing of the hair for straightening effects. The brushes bristles are constructed to hold the strands in place at the base.


2. Fine & Tangly Hair or Hair Loss Suffers.

Wet Brushes are a must if your hair is fine and tangles easy. They are designed to be used in the shower or on dry hair. The spacing and texture of the bristles results in less tearing and stress on the hair. This is a must have brush for kids as well!


3. Oily Hair. 

The boar bristle brush is considered a general purpose hairbrush. It can be used for various types of needs but performs well with oily hair. The natural boar bristles are great at distributing natural oils contained on the scalp to the rest of the hair strands.


4. Wavy & Curly hair.

 Did you know that curly hair is a deformity of the actual hair follicle? The follicle is broken resulting in the hair to grow out curly. The more scarred that the follicle is, the curlier the hair. This is my most favorite fun fact about curly hair. The easiest thing to use on someone with this hair type is a pic. Avoid heat and be certain to use a styling cream. Brushes can actually damage curly hair to the point of no return. Pic it in the shower and again after you gently towel dry it.


5. The Round Brush.

This is a styling brush only and was made with the intent to only be used when smoothing the hair and adding volume while drying. If you try to regularly brush your hair with the round brush you are taking a huge chance of getting it tangled, braking the hair off, and extreme hair loss.


As always, if you are still having trouble, please head into your nearest local salon and ask them for their help. They will be so happy to see you. Thanks for reading!


By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

1/27/19 DIY Ocean Water Waves Spray

Oh, baby it’s cold outside. Living in Missouri has its advantages. We have the Chiefs, the Royals, we are the home of decadent barbecue and slow jazz music. But what they don’t tell you unless you live here, is that it is freezing cold during the winter.  


Occasionally, you might wake up and it looks like spring outside. But suddenly, four hours later you look and we have three inches of ice and a foot of snow on top of that. Just because it’s cold does not mean that you cannot have gorgeous beach wave hair.


Whether you live here in the Show Me State or you live on the West Coast, this beach wave spray is what you have been waiting for.  It will give you those tousled beachy waves that you keep looking for,while keeping your wallet intact. Of course you can always go in to a Salon and buy a pre-made beach spray.  And I can almost promise,  it will be the best thing ever.   But no one was ever hurt saving a little money.


Give this DIY Ocean Water Waves Spray a chance and you might be astonished. It could be your new choice product under your bathroom sink and you even made it all by your self, how cool is that? 


DIY Ocean Water Waves Spray Here’s what you’ll need:

* new clean spray bottle

* 2 cups luke warm water

* 1 tsp avocado oil

*1 tsp coconut oil

* 3 teaspoons pink Himalayan sea salt

* 5 drops of an essential oil of your choice


Here’s how you make it:

Combine all of the ingredients above. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Shake the spray before every use because the oil and water will separate. Store at room temperature for up to five months.


How to use it:

Spray the spray onto damp hair and scrunch.  Dry with a diffuser and repeat scrunching in spring process to add just a slight bit more texture. After your hair is all done you can spritz throughout the day to revive your style.



By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.




1/6/19 Over Cooked....

Hi, fellows! I have missed you! Really, I have. Thanks for allowing me to take a well-needed break from blogging over the holiday season. The Salon has had me so busy, but I promise I thought about you all every Sunday for the last month! We have had some awesome things happen to S&S over the last 30 days. We won “Best hair Salon” for the 2018 Community Choice awards, I won the “Rising Star” award from our Chamber of Commerce, we did our 12 days of Christmas Giveaway which is always a huge hit and our new commercial made its debut! So I‘ve been a blessed, humbled & busy lady.   


Today’s topic is a common problem I address with different people throughout my day, typically every day. Something tells you it’s bad for your hair but you do it anyway. It causes breakage, color differentiation, and nutrient loss. Can you guys guess what it is? 


  Wow! You guys are amazing, That’s right, heat styling! (Insert winking, smiling face here) 


  It’s so bad for your hair but it looks so good! I get it. I am guilty of it myself but that doesn’t mean that it’s ok for your hair. There are so many products on the market that claim to be the saving grace to heat damage.


Do they all work? No.

Are they all the same? No.

Are they the best thing to use, to protect my hair from heat damage? Maybe.  Read on and see my 5 tips for preserving and saving your locks from hot tools.


Let’s start with the main question I am asked.    How bad is heat styling for your hair?  In the quickest way possible, let me give you the run down. Damaged hair and Excessive hot tool use do go hand-in-hand. If you aren’t trying to protect your hair from the hot tool, then you could cause color problems or even worse damage to your hair and breakage!  
Putting down the tools completely isn’t always an option, and it doesn’t have to be the final solution.


If you want to keep using your favorite straightener, steam brush, blow dryer or curling irons you can but you might have to take a few extra precautionary steps. Here are 5 tips everyone who styles their hair with heat should know about.


1. Turn it down- Not all tools are the same and not all hair types can withstand the same amount of heat. I have watched hair snap off at the root from a curling iron was way too hot. Fine, Thin hair is more susceptible to damage, it’s always better to start low and if it’s not enough work your way up the heat settings slowly. Try to stay under 200 degrees Fahrenheit then if you need to work your way up do so by moving up the ladder to 250-300. Anything over 350 will damage your hair no matter what you try to do to prevent it.    


 2. Protect it- There are so many Brands of heat protectant on the market. You are going to have to find one that you like to use and that works well with your hair type. They are not all the same and I can’t tell you which one works better unless I have it and your hair in front of me.  In my opinion and my personal preference, I always go for one that is in an aerosol form or a blowdry cream. I suggest that you go with a professional product and not a drug or grocery store brand. If you need help picking one head to your local salon. They will be thrilled to help you pick one. 


3. One and done- When using heat to style your hair, one of the worst mistakes you can make it to keep running your tool over the same section of hair. It may seem like you’re helping but you’re actually hurting. If your instrument is on the correct temperature setting then once pass should be just enough, two passes at most. 


4. Masks- You all know I love conditioning masks! They are a head of hairs saving grace. You can check out our DIY “Lovin the hair mask” or head to your local salon and check out a salon quality product. For more information on the importance of conditioning please read our “Your Doing It All Wrong” post.  


5. Skip all together- The best way to avoid heat damage is to not accumulate any at all! Skip the heat all together and go natural. I know, I know. easier said then done.  


By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.


12/2/18 Help is on the way...

We have spoken about finding the perfect stylist but not about how to choose the perfect Salon. They may seem like the same subject but they are so often different! The business organization that houses your go-to stylist is just as significant as choosing your Hair Person. Just like any undertaking in life, you will have to go through a great list of trials and failures to get it right. Think about it like this: Your locks need to be cut and colored- your mood, style and social presence for the next month or two, ultimately depends on the new salon you picked out and who you let work on your hair. Are you sure that you have chosen wisely?


Read on to see my 3 Tips about how you can find your new hair home! 


1. Research-

   Pull out your best spy skills and hit the web. Look up the organization across different social media markets and do a little digging. A few things to watch for are current pictures, a site link and how popular they are. Are they posting daily? Do they do something for the community they operate the business in? If they are connected in their neighborhood, then they are more likely to be devotedly to their employees. Is this a booth rental or hourly salon? They are very different. One has lots of tiny businesses with in one business and the other pays the employees to represent one brand. Are they family friendly? Do they have discounts? Are they current with the trends? Is there an interaction with the posts on their page?  


2. Shines like a diamond.

   Let’s get real: if the place is a cluttered, hairy, dirty mess. Do you really want to have them working on your hair? Salons are supposed to maintain a level of cleanliness due to their states Cosmetology and Health laws. Just because they are supposed to doesn't mean that they do. I have seen some nasty salons in my days of traveling. Some so bad, I don’t understand how they have managed to stay under the radar. If they take pride in their work, they will take pride in the aesthetics of the business. Clean, tidy, clutter and hair free is something I suggest looking for.


3. Don’t spend your savings. 

   Yes your hair is something you need to invest in. You have to live with it and wear it for the world to see every single moment of your life. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a half the rent on that investment once a month. If you can find a Salon that fits your budget, regularly, you are more likely to be able to keep up with your mane.  


By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

11/25 DIY Whipped North Pole Body Butter

I love a luxurious body lotion. It’s a weakness of mine. I have a lot of weakness’s but this one falls into my top 10. My only problem with most products I can buy at my favorite stores is they make my skin itchy, dry and occasionally, brake out.


My mom used to call it being allergic to the world. But, really, it’s just a small case of eczema Ive passed down to my children. Sorry Kids. I’m always looking for products that smell Devine and won’t make me regret their use later on.


In my long journey of a self-proclaimed official product tester, few have ever been able to meet all of my requirements of “Fave” status.   I like to think I've become crafty over my travels and have been able to add some of my con-concoctions to my long list of favorite things. DIY projects are always fun until they aren’t any more.  


I've tried to keep it as simple as can be for you.  I hope you will enjoy this one like I do. Its an easy one and just in time for the holidays! Here is my Whipped North Pole Body Butter.



1/2 C. cocoa butter

1/2 C. shea butter

1/2 C. coconut oil

3 Tbs. Vitamin E oil

1/2 Tbs. peppermint extract 

4 drops tea tree oil 

Microwave safe bowl


Measuring cups 

Rubber spatula 




1. Measure the ingredients into a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the ingredients for one minute. 

2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the mixture of oils and microwave until the ingredients are melted together. 

3. Give a superb stir

4. Place bowl in the freezer and cool for 1/2 an hour until most of the oil is solid but still soft. 

5. Scrape out mixture with a rubber spatula

into a mixing bowl and whip with a whisk for about 7-10 minutes. 

6. Store in glass air-tight containers like a jam jar at room temperature for up to 2 months. 

7. Make again when you run out 


By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

11/18/18 5 Tips For Long Locks

Long hair is something practically every woman on the planet wants once in her Lifetime. Some people are blessed in the hair department and don’t have to worry about the struggles of growing their hair out. Then there are the rest of us that can’t seem to get it past our shoulders without looking like a band member in the 70s that was popular for their business in the front, party in the back hairstyle.


I would bet, you can think of at least one know, that one perfect friend who has lengthy, beautiful, luscious locks that seem to flow like a stream. She does nothing to deserve them and when you imagine her as a baby she must've had the same exquisite head of hair.


One of the questions I‘m asked the most from my female clients that sit in my chair for any service is:  How do I get my hair to grow?


In, my research virtually every woman in the world wishes her hair would grow faster. You could be recovering from a haircut catastrophe, growing out a hot new trend that didn’t look exactly like you hoped,  or maybe, you want to give long hair a try for once in your life.


I have 5 tips to help you on your path of magazine worthy tresses. Be mindful, these are not magic tips. You will not wake up tomorrow with the hair of your dreams that falls gracefully past your elbows like an ever-flowing waterfall. Hopefully if you follow some of these tips you will be on the right track to a glorious mane. 


5 Tips For Long Locks- 


1. Eat better- Your hair is a part of your body. It's a reflection of how healthy you are on the inside. Maintain a healthy diet and you will see an improvement in the quality of your hair. Like shine and less breakage.


2. Lay off of the heat- Heat kills your hair! I don't care how much protectant you spray on it or blow dry cream you use. It's just not good for it. Every time you run a hot tool on your hair the moisture is burning off and drying it out. If your hair is dry and brittle it's prone to breakage and that means slow growing locks.


3. Conditioner- If you think you don't need to condition your hair, you do. Even if you have "greasy" hair. Most likely you are just using the wrong kind of product. Hair needs moisture to grow and it sucks it up like a sponge. Think of your tresses as a type of plant and conditioner is its water. If you need help picking a new product go see your Stylist and she can put you on the right track.


4. Love on your scalp- Scalp massages aren't just good for some stress relief, they are good to promote hair growth as well. Massaging your scalp stimulates the follicles on your head to help it grow faster. Im not saying you should have an hour long ritual of massaging your head while you are doing your grocery shopping. 3-5 minutes in the shower prior to conditioning your hair is sufficient.


5. Trim on the regular- This may sound like a step backwards but I promise you it's not. Hair brakes and spits from the harsh things we do to it everyday. By trimming 1/8 of an inch off every 8-12 weeks, you will be telling your locks to regenerate themselves and grow. Anything more than that amount is counterintuitive because of the rate that the average persons hair grows.


By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

11/4/18 You're doing it all wrong.

We do so many things on the daily to damage our hair without even knowing it. Most people think their hair is alive. Actually, it’s not. Hair is technically dead. It’s made up of the same things that your nails up of-calcium and keratin. Just in a different concoction.


Have you ever noticed how when a baby is born they have the softest most supple hair? It’s because while in utero, they were floating around in a mini spa treatment for 9 months. Most babies lose their hair and regrow what will be their head of hair for life, or until it all falls out again and turns grey. We will cover that in a different blog.


Just like life, so many things change the feel and texture of the most beautiful parts of us. With all the things we do that damage our hair, be it: sun exposer, smoking, swimming, flat ironing or product use, it is so important to restore and prevent all the damage we have caused. 


Although we all clean our locks, we must condition them. You are probably making minor mistakes with your conditioning routine, possibly without even realizing you’re doing it. Maybe you’re in a time crunch, maybe you think you have the type of hair that doesn’t need it or, just maybe, you’ve become a little complacent. It happens. I'm guilty of it to on occasion.


Like always, I’m here to help you on your new found path of wonderful, glorious gorgeousness. Washing your mane dries it out significantly. Literally, you are stripping away every single magnificent oil that your scalp has worked so hard to produce. By adding in Conditioner to your washing regimen, you will be replacing that oil and giving your hair the comeback it needs.


Here are 3 things you are probably doing wrong in your washing routine and a few explanations to help you counteract the damage.  By following these extra three steps you will have the hair on your head bouncing around in joy in not time at all! 


1. Not leaving it in for the adequate amount of time.

If you ever read the back of the bottle almost all conditioners say you need to leave it on for 1-3 minutes. This is so important. Our hair is like a sponge, it soaks up all of the things that it's around or that is on it. In order to get the maximum benefits of the product you must leave it on for as long as possible.


2. You're using the wrong kind.

Not all products are the same. Some have a higher content of oils some have a higher content of waxes. To maximize your results, please invest in a salon quality conditioner. They are better for your hair, and I'm not just saying that because I'm in the salon profession. I'm saying it because it's true. The $1.00 bottle isn't going to compare to the $13.00 bottle. There is a reason it costs more. It is because it is better. I promise.


3. You're skipping the deep conditioner.

Deep conditioners work exactly like the sound. They penetrate the hair at a deeper level. The main function they have is to prevent and restore all of the really bad damage that an everyday product can't touch. Add in a deep conditioning routine once a week to help transform your overworked locks. Try my DIY Lovin' the Hair Mask on the 10/28/18 Blog. It's a game changer. 


By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

10/14/18 Take me as I am or get out....

To speak candidly, sometimes I struggle with the fact that I am getting older. I think everybody goes through that at some point. Im not that 20 something girl anymore, and quite frankly I don’t want to be. She was fun, don’t get me wrong, but she was insecure at times, childish, and she couldn’t cook for shit. Her skin was on point and her body was way more taught than it is today. She also, didn’t have 2 kids, a husband, and 4 different full time jobs, that she wants to do, and loves.


Gravity is a bitch, yo! Id much rather be 30 something with a few fine lines and that muffin top, than her any day. To be fair, if I would have met her last week, I would have hated her. I did hate her. I hated being her. She was mean, arrogant and a know it all. But she humbled me. Sometimes she was sweet, candid and loving. Her taste in music was on point, and her clothes were pretty rad. Without her I wouldn't have the passion for helping people that I have now. She did make me who I am today, and for that I love her, so much. 


To live a full life comfortable in your own skin, you must have confidence! This isn’t something you’re born with. You learn it through first-hand experience. Hard truths, too many cookies and that late night bottle of wine, and a few, well maybe a lot of tears along the way. 


Someone once told me-


 “You can take the past with you but you can never go back. Learn from it, grown with it and leave it where it belongs.”


This was one of the best things anyone has ever said to me. I have pondered that saying over the last 10 years. Every. Single. Day. Sometimes, I didn’t listen to that advice, but then life would hit me and I would be dwelling on everything negative and I would realize what they were really trying to tell me. I honestly believe everything happens for a reason. All the good and all the bad.


There is a reason we were put on this earth. Everyone has a purpose. There is a reason some succeed and others don’t. I can’t tell you why,  but I can tell you that you have to live your OWN life and love it. Or hate it that’s your choice. Our personal reality is full of decisions. That’s all we do as people, make decisions. The decision to eat the cake or throw it in the trash. The decision to crawl out of bed in the morning or to soak up all of the bad. 


Life must be lived in the moment and on huge mountain tops. It can be as smooth as a newborns skin or as bumpy as a country back road. We learn lessons every day, and it are those who choose to persevere through the challenges that survive. Live the lessons people!  We fall, we get up and we dust ourselves off. Realize that the chaos will pass and we are the maker of our own lives. Know your capabilities and bank on them.


There are struggles, broken pieces, ugly parts and trials. Learn that those are not “problems” they are stepping stones. I can look at the dark circles under my eyes and wish they’d go away. Or I can look at them and think I’m tired but its because I stayed up late, cleaning the living room (for the hundredth time that day) that my kids destroyed. Because they had fun, all day, and played to their hearts content. And they were loved and I was loved. 


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder folks. Life is truly what you make it. You are one person, you can’t do it all but you can have it all. Only if you want it. It’s up to you to choose your path. It’s easy to always want what you cannot have. I still do it occasionally. But don't live there. Visit, but don't stay! 


A healthy life starts with a healthy mindset. All the products and infomercials in the world are not going to give you the self confidence you need to love your self. The best thing you can do for yourself is to love you, for who you are, hair, mind, and muffin top included.


By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest no-shampoo trends. You hear how your friend Sally decided to never wash her hair again, and it was the best thing since sliced bread or how Linda only washes her hair once a month. Oh, and don’t forget about Megan who says she only uses conditioner, never shampoo and then Janet, who is obsessed with the coconut oil craze she heard about on Facebook. Be a leader, not a follower.


Here’s the truth, when you go extended periods of time without washing your hair, sebum, an oil that your scalp produces builds up, quick. A little sebum is healthy and natural but too much of this oily build up can cause all kinds of problems. Including but not limited to flakes, a yellow crust on your scalp, a pungent smell (it smells somewhat like a rotting steak). This oily substance can even inhibit hair growth or worse, it can make your pores so clogged up your hair can fall out! Believe me, I’ve seen it firsthand, and let me tell you, it is not a pretty sight.


It’s okay to go a few days between washes but I recommend not to wait, any longer than three days at the most. If you are an avid styling product user you most likely can’t go 3 days without washing. Would you leave your old makeup on for 3 days? I hope not. If you are having troubles with your hair, try switching up your shampoo. Maybe you need a paraben or sulfate free product. Try something new before you stop washing it. Invest in a good salon quality product. You will not find one at your local grocery store.


Most products found at your local drug store or grocer have wax and other harsh unwanted chemicals in them which is not acceptable for your scalp. Stop in your salon of choice and see what they recommend. I know that the products they carry can get somewhat pricey but it’s well worth it. Some salons give out free samples so you can try it before you buy it.


Wash on the regular. Don’t be a Sally, Linda or Janet, unless that‘s your name, then in that case you're okay. Be you!

By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.


The dreaded C word. Change. Some people embrace this word with love and tenderness. Then there are the rest of us who cringe at its rhythmic one syllable, and cry at the thought of it happening to us. We have all been there. That weird in-between space in our heads where nothing is going perfect in our lives and we can’t seem to control any of it. Oddly enough, the universe is pushing it upon us like pumpkin spice lattes before summer is even through.


I’m not speaking about the fun changes. I’m talking about the gut reaching, hard truths, my world is falling apart right now kind. For example: Divorce, a death,a random unexpected move, a sad breakup. I could devote an entire blog to this horrendous list. Neither of us have that kind of time. So I’ll make it simple and get to the facts of the matter. This is where I come into play as your Stylist.


One point to recognize is that, this is not about how you look, rather it is about how you feel. It is a heart and head matter. When we are facing problems we can’t manage, in my understanding we try to fix them with things we can control. Some individuals move their furniture around, get a new puppy, buy a new car, move to Africa on a whim. Then there are those slim few that decide they need to adjust their appearance to feel better. But keep in mind it’s only temporary.


In my professional experience, this almost always goes south. I’m a hairstylist, my job is to love changes, only when I am not making them on myself. The first thing I ask all of my clients when they sit in my chair is if they have made a drastic life altering decision with In the last few months. 13 years now, I've been behind the chair and when that answer is yes, seldom have things went according to planned. Actually, it only goes right 1 in every 20 people.


Do not, I repeat, do not make big outward self changes when your life is already full of them. When your way of life is hard to deal with, the initial thing people want to do is change something they can control. Your hair is something that belongs to you, and you alone. If you answered yes to my question, I will turn you away (it's harsh but true). I will take your 2 hour appointment time and adjust it to a 45 minute consultation. I will talk with you. We will figure out an alternative or maybe talking was what you needed. A sympathetic word, someone to vent to, someone who will listen.


If you’re determined to chop your, luscious to your butt, blonde locks off into a fire engine red pixie, we can do that too. I will try to talk you out of it, as best I can with you fighting me the entire process. But if that is what will make you happy we can try it. Please remember I am not for it. So don’t hate me when you hate it, because most likely you will. Like I said earlier, its an in your heart problem not a hair problem.


Learn to embrace the hard truths. Learn to love yourself along the way. I’ll help you. I like helping people. Beauty comes from the inside, being pretty isn’t glitter and good hair its being your most authentic self. Just. The. Way. You. Are. The good, the bad and the ugly.


Embrace it, don’t change it. You're beautiful and the only thing you may need to change is your opinion of you.

By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

9/16/18 Finding the perfect "Hair Person"

Finding the perfect "hair person" can be such a struggle. Sometimes it can be downright overwhelming. Maybe you feel like you need a change. Maybe you moved away or you fired your last hairdresser, whatever the reason here are some tips to help you find your perfect Stylist.


All cosmetologists are trained to be people pleasers. You heard me right and I said it because it's true! It's encoded in our DNA to make you happy. That's our job, right? Making people look and feel good. Picking a good Hairstylist is like finding the right partner in life, it's hard, scary and it takes a few times to get it right.


So what do you look for? Try to find someone who's honest with you, a "tell It how it is" kind of person someone who's not afraid to have you in their chair. You want to find someone who will tell you what's good for your hair and what would look good on you, personally. A person who doesn't sell you something for the benefit of a paycheck, or that extra bonus, the Stylist who takes their time with you and gives you all of their energy and focus.


Find a Listener! It's pretty easy to see who genuinely loves their job, and who does not. Keep your eyes open for the smiling face that comes with a good greeting. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Lots of questions! A few good questions to keep in mind are: How long have you been doing hair? What's your favorite cut to do? What would look good on me? My personal favorite question, what is your idea of a trim? Beware of generic answers, remember we are looking for a good communicator and a genuine person. If you feel like you aren't connecting, say so, and move on.


I would much rather a client say they were uncomfortable with me than get a bad haircut, color or style. If you walk in a Salon don't go to the Stylists hair you love, most likely she didn't do her own color or cut. Ask her who did her hair then make an appointment with that Stylist. Don't be afraid of hurting feelings, we understand. Sometimes the best and most "wanted" Stylists are too swamped to refresh their hair and makeup every five minutes. There is a reason they are so busy. Pick someone who you trust. Get all of their contact information and never let them go.


My only hope for you, dear reader, is that you take away some valuable information and that I have helped make your hair struggles easier.


Remember you're beautiful just the way you are and beauty comes from within. We're only here to help accentuate that beauty. Have a happy hair day!

By: Kalyn Goode Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.